Benefits of Planting Native Plants

I love the look of native plants. I am not one to go for perfectly manicured lawns and gardens and spend all my time and money keeping it looking trim and green. The look of meadows and wildflowers, and the natural slope and rise of the land is a sight that’s hard to beat. Colors explode all summer long in native plants and add diversity and interest to the eye. I have been researching native plants for a couple years now and am impressed with the many benefits they hold. For me, I will be replacing and planning out my garden to include all native plants. It is a natural progression which coincides with my living green and becoming more and more aware of my ecological footprint and what I can do to help Mother Earth.

The one benefit that speaks to everyone on all levels is money. Planting native plants can save you big over the years. How? Native plants are adapted to your specific region. That means native plants will thrive in conditions that other plants could not. You do not need to water native plants as much, saving you money on your water bill. Native plants do not require the use of fertilizer or pesticides since native plants are resistant to local bugs. Not only does this save you money but native plants save you time. Native plants are low maintenance and require little care, thus freeing up your time for more important things, such as your family and friends.

Did you ever notice that wildlife seems to be disappearing? Native plants attract songbirds, butterflies, hummingbirds and wildlife by providing shelter and food, depending on which species you plant. Many local nurseries can help you pick out native plants that suit your area and interest. A local Ohio company is Ohio Prairie Nursery. They offer seed packets and flowers based on many factors. Their website is: If you are from Ohio and are interested, I would suggest checking out their website.

All of these benefits contribute to the overall health of Mother Earth. In addition, native plants help with storm water runoff, keeping our rivers and lakes cleaner. They also promote biodiversity and are aesthetically pleasing.

I know it will take planning to replace my non-native plants but I know the benefits will be worth it. On a side note, I do not plan on throwing out my plants, but listing them for free on Craig’s list or attending a plant exchange.

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