Container Gardening

Container gardening is growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. There are many benefits to container gardening. One benefit is for people with limited spaces. You do not need a large patch of land to take advantage of gardening. Containers can hold herb gardens, vegetables or flowers and be placed on patios or other paved surface.  You can mix and match flowers to add colors that add dimension to your garden.

One reason that I love container gardens is that there is no weeding. I hate weeding so this makes container gardening an ideal choice for me. I do container vegetable gardening, which I love. I do not need to worry about the soil, additives or compost.  I also do not need to worry about as many bugs since the plants are not in the ground.

One disadvantage to having a container garden is that they do require more water. Containers may need to be watered once a day, especially on hot days. If you have a rain barrel, that would help with conserving water over the hot summer months.

You may be wondering what to use for container gardens. As the name implies, you just need containers. You can buy the plastic ones they sell at gardening supply stores or you can get creative. You can use old galvanized buckets or decorative pots. Another benefit is that the containers can be moved around to follow the sun or be brought inside in case of frost.

Gutter gardening (or vertical gardening) is a new type of container gardening. You can hang the gutters on the side of your house, or hang them on a fence or deck. Place soil and plant anything such as an herb garden. The benefit of this is you can usually fit more gutters on the fence than you could have with potted plants. They do not take up ground space or patio space. This is a great idea for those in an apartment or those in urban areas where outside space is limited.


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