Preparing Your Child for Preschool

If your child is going off to preschool after the summer, use the time between now and then to prepare them for the big day.  Prepping a child for school means that when the big day arrives they are confident about entering their new daytime environment.

Preschool preparation should begin with teaching your child any skills they will need in order to take care of themselves throughout the day.  Depending on the age of your child this could mean that they learn how to dress themselves, put on their shoes, fasten buttons/zips etc.  Eating at a table with others and correctly using a knife and fork are other useful skills to teach in preschool readiness.

Social interaction is a big part of preschool so in preschool readiness you should try to fix up a few play dates with children around the same age so that they become accustomed to talking and playing with their peers.  Talk to them about the importance of sharing things such as toys and art supplies so that they understand that when they go to preschool they will be expected to things such as crayons and books with the other children.

When readying your child for preschool talk about what will happen throughout the day.  If possible, talk to the teacher beforehand so that you can explain the preschool routine to your child.  Should it not be possible to have a meeting with the preschool teacher, talking with a mom who has a child who goes to the same preschool will be just as helpful.  As the big day approaches you could even consider trying to keep to a similar routine at home so that, for example, your child gets used to having lunch at a specific time.

Although you might not feel ready to send them off to preschool before they need to go, readying your child for preschool will make their transition into school life easier.  Don’t forget that you’re going to undergo a major change also, so make sure you don’t forget to ready yourself for the big day your “baby” walks confidently into the classroom away from you!

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