Start a Holiday Gift Closet Now!

Have you ever found yourself spending way too much money on holiday gift shopping, come December? What about scrambling to find a so-so gift for someone at the last minute, just so you’ll have something to give them? If so, it sounds like you could use a gift closet! If you don’t already have one, this is the time  to start one – before Christmas catches you off guard, as it always has a way of doing.

Let’s call it Christmas in July.

I don’t have a gift closet, per se. In my 1300 sq. ft. house, I don’t have a closet to spare. So, I have a gift “designated area of my basement.” Maybe you also have some space downstairs, on a shelf or underneath a bed. It doesn’t have to be an actual closet.

Once you have a spaced picked out, how do you fill your gift closet? Begin by making a list of all the people you buy for on a regular basis. I have a handy calendar book from Hallmark that’s made for just that purpose, but you could make a simple list any way you want. I include all the people I get Christmas gifts for, as well as loved ones’ birthdays throughout the year. Then comes the fun part – holiday gift shopping! An advantage of utilizing a gift closet is the ability to gather items little by little, as you find deals and great gifts on clearance throughout the year. You can add gifts to your closet with a specific person in mind, or not, but make sure you don’t buy things needlessly just to shop.

You don’t have to buy everything that makes it into your gift closet, though. Don’t forget about re-gifting! The thought might seem tacky, but if it’s done thoughtfully, it can be a resourceful and smart way of gift-giving. Be creative; think about who might appreciate an item that just didn’t work for you. Maybe you can add that item to another to make a good gift or group it with others as part of a basket.

Think outside the (gift) box.

Happy shopping!

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