The Verdict Is In: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

I know millions of people across the world have been following the Casey Anthony trial on television, the internet or on the radio. I’ve heard countless arguments from friends and family, attempting to justify their own judgement of Casey Anthony, the majority of which believed her to be guilty of murdering her daughter.

Today, as I read the verdict online, I felt three things: sorrow, anger and understanding. The sorrow I felt was for Caylee Anthony, who was the ultimate victim. The complete disrespect of this child by her own mother was just unbelievable. Even if her death did occur as the result of an accidental drowning in the family pool, which was the defense used, why did her mother not report it? As a mother, I find it difficult to believe that a mother wouldn’t immediately call for help after finding her child floating in the pool.

This, of course, leads me to the anger. Not only did she not report this accident, she kept the child in her car and then finally buried her in a shallow grave; leaving her body to be dug up, torn apart and eaten by animals. What mother would want that for their child? This doesn’t even touch on the whole duct tape issue. Why on earth would a child be wrapped in duct tape? What reason would there be for that?

Finally, I felt understanding – not of the whole scenario that played out before us on national television, but of the verdict itself. Those 12 jurors deliberated for hours before deciding that they could not, without reasonable doubt, convict her of murder. Without hard evidence, it is difficult to prove that Casey Anthony did, indeed, murder her child. No matter how crazy her stories were or how much she coldheartedly partied before Caylee’s body was found, it doesn’t prove that she was guilty. All that proves is that she was a poor, disturbed and completely unfit mother. At least that’s what the jury thought.

So, here’s your chance. We’d like you to weigh in on the verdict. What do you think? How did Casey Anthony’s “Not Guilty” verdict make you feel?


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