3 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

I’ve been trying to improve the organization of my home, especially in the kitchen.

I’ll admit it – I’m not the neatest person in the world. I love seeing spaces that are beautifully and stylishly organized, but creating them myself and keeping them that way is sometimes a challenge for me. My husband would be the first person to agree: he’s the “neat” one, and I’m the “clean” one. I vacuum everyday and do a fair job of keeping the house clean with three kids under three. My husband, on the other hand, only cares if things are put away, whether or not they have two inches of dust on them. Sound familiar?

OK, back to kitchen talk. Here are few areas of kitchen organization that have been hang-ups for me and some tips on how I’m trying to overcome them:

1. Cookbooks

Cookbooks belong in the kitchen. I tried storing them a bookcase in our office once, and I never used them because I rarely saw them, and when I did, I wasn’t thinking about cooking. On that same note, I keep all my cookbooks on an open shelf, so I’ll remember to use them. Plus, I think they look pretty that way.

Cookbook addict here! I’ve imposed a rule on myself regarding cookbooks, and that is to limit them. I have a thing for buying them, and if I kept all the ones I’ve bought, there wouldn’t be any room for food in my kitchen. Therefore, if I bring a new one home, I typically choose one to sell/give away/toss that I rarely use. It’s never hard for me to find a cookbook that matches that description. Why do I keep buying them, if I don’t use them very much? Help me!

2. Location, Location, Location!

It makes sense to arrange the items in your kitchen in a specific way to make your life easier. For example, dish cloths and sponges belong near the sink, pots and pans near the stove and juice glasses near the fridge. Other things are less obvious, like when I finally realized that I was walking all the way across my kitchen and back to grab spices while cooking. Hey Randi, place the spice carousel next to the stove! Having necessary tools in just the right spot makes us work more efficiently, which means we get jobs done more quickly, and we’re a bit happier at the end. Less time spent cooking means more time with family … and eating sooner!

3. Maintain the Fridge and Pantry

Make sure all the food in the house is fresh and not wasted. Sadly, I used to be a huge food waster. I’d buy items that sounded good or were priced well with no real plan for them. So, they’d sit and sit, until it was time to throw them out. So bad! Meal planning has helped with this problem tremendously. I do my best to only buy food items that I’m actually going to use.

It also helps to keep an inventory of your refrigerator and pantry. Knowing what you have and when you bought them will ensure that unseen items aren’t wasted. I also make sure to go through my fridge and pantry on a regular basis.

What kitchen organization tips to you have?

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