Easy to Use Tech Tools to Keep Moms Organized

I’m on the computer all day, so I prefer to unplug from technology as much as possible when I’m not working from home. But there are some tech tools that do an amazing job of helping a busy mom like me to keep my household and work life organized.  I recommend that you check out the following tools that might help you find more time and sanity throughout your day:

Sticky Notes

No, not the ones you buy in a package.  I’m referring to the sticky notes for your desktop computer. I use Hott Notes, which allows me write down fleeting ideas and my to-do lists on what looks like a virtual post-it note. It stays on my computer screen for me to review and check off as I complete tasks. If you’re like me and think of 50 ideas all at once, then you’ll want to download this free software.


If you’ve ever needed to write an email, but send it at a later date, then you’ll love LetterMeLater.com. It’s great for personal and business emails that need to be sent at some point down the road. I’ve used it to email my husband some tasks to complete on a future date. Whether you use it for correspondence, project management or as a calendar, it’s a great alternative to saving your emails as drafts. You can also cross off emails from your to-do list without the need to wait until a certain date to arrive to send the email.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Speaking of emails, you probably get way too many per day to sift through. Reading and sorting through email can be time consuming. If you don’t approach it in an organized way, you’ll spend more time than you should with your email inbox. Thunderbird is a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook. You can create folders and allocate which emails go into each folder. You can download your email from any webmail account. I use it to keep better track of emails that would otherwise get lost in lengthy email threads in the Gmail account I use for business.

If you want more time in your life, you have to get intense about getting more organized. That doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. Use these tools to keep your responsibilities under control and as orderly as possible.



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