Moms Living Thrifty – 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 04

Yay! I’m more than halfway through the first week of this blog challenge and I’m feeling really great about it. In fact, I’m sitting here typing this up with a smile on my face simply because I’m thankful for the question that I’m about to answer for the challenge today. Why? Well, read on and find out!

The question for day four is:

What are your views on religion?


My views on religion might be considered by some to be slightly skewed. I was raised Roman Catholic until age 12. I attended a private Catholic school and was taught how to live a good Catholic life. We attended church on three times weekly, with two of the masses being conducted during school hours.

My father, his parents and the majority of his sisters and brothers were Catholic. However, I have one aunt that is an atheist and an aunt and uncle that are Methodist on my father’s side. My maternal grandmother was somewhat nondenominational. She attended Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches. My maternal grandfather was Pentecostal.

To say I had variety in my life when it came to religion is pretty accurate. Once private school became too expensive, I began going to church with my maternal grandmother. It took a bit to adjust to the way that other churches conducted mass, but it was definitely interesting. It also seemed to be a lot more fun.

Once my eyes had been opened to other religions, I soon grew even more curious about the many other religions that people practiced. I was constantly picking up books to learn more, I’ve even studied Celtic beliefs and earth magic, but none of this ever took precedence over my Bible. However, opening my eyes to other views has changed the way that I live my life.

With all of that said, I have no issues with religion. In fact, I believe that if you can manage to take the good things out of each religion and combine them into one, you would really have something amazing.

Do I believe in a higher power? Absolutely. Do I believe that there is only one true religion? No. Do I like to discuss religion? Not particularly. Why? Mainly because I don’t see a reason to argue over religion unless your religion expressly instructs you to hate. I have no interest in hate, nor do I have any interest in arguing over similar things that are simply done differently.

Good is good. Bad is bad. Knowing the difference well enough to choose the good every time is phenomenal. I am trying to live my life in a way that is caring and compassionate, helpful, healthy and happy. Hey, phenomenal would be amazing, but nobody is perfect!

What’s your take?

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