Moms Living Thrifty – 30 Day Challenge – Day 05

Does anyone else dread Sunday morning or is it just me? When I was younger, I used to love Sundays. Those were the days I got to sleep in! When I got up, I would snatch the classifieds section of the Sunday newspaper, along with the ads. I would grab an ink pen or marker on my way back to my bed, where I would flop down and circle all of the beautiful houses I wanted to buy and all the stuff I would put in them.


Now that I’m older, I don’t have as much time to daydream. I’ve got a toddler, so I’m always go-go-go-go! If he’s not climbing on something or going to the bathroom to wash his hands for the 50th time of the day, he’s trying to jet out the door to water the plants or play with the dogs.  I swear, motherhood is never ending.


Anyway, let’s get this post out of the way…

Today’s 30-day challenge question is:


What are your favorite comfort foods and why?


This one is easy enough because I have several favorite foods.

Mushrooms – weird, I know, but my dad always used to take us mushroom hunting for Morels. After we brought them home, we’d wash them, slice them up, drop them in egg batter, roll them in flour and seasoning and fry them up.  If you like mushrooms and you’ve never had a Morel, then you don’t know what you’re missing. (All of you Morel lovers out there know what I’m talking about!) Really though, I’m a sucker for mushrooms of all kinds. Heck, after my mom and dad divorced, I would have my mom or grandma make me a plate of fried mushrooms every year on my birthday. They weren’t quite as good as dad’s, but they did the trick.

Of course, there are a few temporary cure-alls other than just mushrooms. For instance,  a big, fat juicy pepperloin cooked medium-rare with sauteed mushrooms and onions. No steak sauce needed, but a dollop of homemade garlic butter is a necessity. For accompaniment, a baked potato topped with butter, sour cream and chives; sauteed asparagus with hollandaise sauce and either garlic cheese bread or freshly baked pumpernickel bread lightly brushed with sweet cream butter.

When I had my son, I was induced. They thought I had plenty of time before he was ready, so they were nice enough to let me eat. My mom had come to the hospital, so she offered to go get me something. You know what I got? Saint Louis Bread Company – my second choice for fabulous comfort food.  I got a full Greek salad, half of a roast beef sandwich and a cup of french onion soup. I guess it did the trick, because my son was born within three hours of me finishing that meal.

For sweets? Hmm…chocolate is a given, but yellow cake with thick chocolate fudge frosting is probably my favorite. I’m also partial to any kind of cheesecake (preferably original, New York, Amaretto or Almond with strawberries or cherries on top), chewy chocolate covered caramels, turtles, cherry pie, apple pie and white cake with whipped butter-cream icing. Oh! And 100-Grand, Snickers and basically any kind of caramel bar.

Okay, I’m sure if I keep sitting here, I’m going to think of more to add to that list. I’m pretty sure I gained a pound just by thinking about all of that calorie-rich  food.

Time to take a walk around the block!

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