Monster High Dolls – Coupon + 4% Cash Back!

If you’ve got a little lady at home who is in love with the somewhat creepy Monster High Dolls that have seemingly taken the world by storm, then you’ve probably thought about purchasing her a new one to add to her collection for Christmas. The great news is that there’s as brand new deal on Shop at Home for the Mattel Shop and the cash back is doubled to 4% until 11/7 – so check out these Mattel Coupons and grab those Monster High dolls before they disappear!

Mattel is also running a special on Monster High Dolls Bundles, so you can nab five or six dolls for under $100 after your cash back! That’s a pretty good deal in my opinion – plus you don’t have to fight the crowds at the store or prowl the aisles forever only to hear that the doll you’re looking for is out of stock.

If you want to nab this deal and save yourself a few bucks on a gift that you’re bound to purchase anyway, Shop at Home is the way to go. Happy shopping – and saving!


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