Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas on the Cheap

No matter what you think about Valentine’s Day, we can all agree that it is intended to be a day of romance. However, whether you have been with your partner for one year or twenty, coming up with romantic gifts can be difficult. The good news is that romantic gifts do not have to be expensive as there are many little things that you can do for your partner that are extremely cheap. Here are a few cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to please anyone.

1. Poem or Love Letter

When was the last time that you wrote your spouse/significant other a letter or a poem? I am not talking about a text or an email, but an actual letter written with a pen on paper. Chances are it has been a long time. Writing a letter or poem to express your feelings will cost you little to nothing and it is one of the most romantic gifts anyone can receive. While expressing your feelings might seem hard, taking the time to do it will be worth it in the end.

2. Take a Walk

My husband and I have hiked many trails together and there is just something about being alone in nature that is romantic. Chances are that you and your spouse have a special place that you like to go together. Even if the weather is cold, take a short walk holding hands. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean, go for a walk on the beach.

The simple act of taking a walk together is refreshing and gives you a different perspective of your lives together.

3. Candlelight Dinner at Home

Your spouse probably has a favorite meal that you make. Perhaps there is a restaurant that makes a dish that he/she particularly enjoys. Take the time and make the perfect meal for him/her. You can light candles and have a romantic dinner at home instead of spending money at an expensive restaurant.

When it comes to picking Valentine’s Day gifts, we tend to over-think it. Remember the reason that you chose this person for your partner and simply spend time together. We often get too busy in life to remember to tell our partner how important they are to us, but Valentine’s Day is a great reminder for us to do so. Use Valentine’s Day as a way to remind each other why you fell in love in the first place and strengthen the bond that you’ve built with each other. Let go of any stress you have in your life right now, take the kids to a sitter, reminisce, relax, laugh and be passionate.

[box_dark]Editor’s suggestion: If you really want to blow your partner’s mind on Valentine’s Day, pull out all of the special, heartfelt gifts, letters, etc. that your partner has given you during the course of your relationship. You would be surprised how meaningful it is to keep a letter that he/she wrote you, a cheap gumball machine ring, a photo, a movie ticket from your first date or the flower (albeit pressed) that you picked on your first walk together. Knowing that you thought enough of your partner to save something physical from these memories will make them feel like the King or Queen of the world, and it’s a great way for the two of you to relive that young love all over again. [/box_dark]


Image Credit: Llyn Hunter, Bobcat Publishing

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