Great Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids


I think that when it comes to Mother’s Day, any gift from my child is going to be one that I enjoy. In fact, the ones that cost the absolute least are some of my favorites of all time. Here are a few ideas for cheap Mother’s Day crafts that your children can create.


Perhaps the simplest and most affectionate gift your child can give you is a card that they have made themselves. All they need is some construction paper and markers or crayons and they can make a lovely gift for their mother.

A younger child may simply want to draw a picture. Another option is to either write down or print out some questions and ask the child to answer them about their mom. These are fantastic and I have several that my son’s have given me over the years. They always bring a tear to my eye as they are so sweet and simple.

Artwork Creations

Another fairly inexpensive idea is to have your children’s artwork framed or copied onto something like a coffee cup, mouse pad, or other item. If choosing a frame, a cheap one from the craft score can be purchased and your child can decorate it as well.


I think that my favorite gifts from my boys are the ones that are created from their handprints. These little handprint creations get me every time and they are so simple to create. You can turn the handprint into a flower with a little poem or just center it in the page and have it framed. You can also use a cheap plaster of Paris kit or stone kit to make a keepsake with your child’s handprint.

Photo Books

Photo books can be created in numerous ways. Take some pictures of the family and put them together in a collage or in a photo book. This makes a wonderful gift that will last for years. There are tons of gifts that can be created with photos, just use your imagination.

When it comes to creating Mother’s Day crafts with your kids, remember to keep it simple. There is no need to do anything extravagant because any mother is going to love getting a gift that is created by their child…no matter what it is!

Have a craft idea, but need materials? Try, eBay, YardSellr or your local craft store! You can often find lots of cool items super cheap at any of these sites.


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