Looking for a Refreshing Pick-Me-Up? Check Out This Drink from a Blogger Friend!

My Blogger Friends Have the Best Recipes Ever!

I’ve been working with a great group of bloggers from the Pitch List the past few weeks. We all support each other and frequently visit each others sites. It’s fantastic to see all of the great reviews, recipes and ideas that all of my blogger friends have because it often sparks new ideas in me.

Well, earlier today, I stopped by Kelley’s Passion for Nutrition and noticed that she had posted a brand new recipe for a summer smoothie that was not only super-healthy, but sounded like it would taste pretty amazing, too! I commented that I thought it sounded good and that I knew it would be good for the body, but that I would have to give it a crazy name like “Sea Tea” or something along those lines to tempt my son into trying it. He’s a huge tea addict…yes, he takes after his mother…and I can rarely get him to try anything new unless I tell him it’s a new kind of tea, soda (grr…I don’t even drink soda, so not happy about him getting on this kick) or ice cream.

You know what? Miss Kelley commented back and told me that I just came up for the name of this yummy green smoothie! I feel so honored!

So do you all want the recipe for the newly named Sea Tea? Well, here it is!

Ideal Summer Green Smoothie

During the summer months we are looking for things to cool us down.  Some might think first of ice cream, a big bulk, or slushy.  Whether you are outside for work, play, or relaxing you body is losing vital minerals and nutrients.  Instead of reaching for a sugary drink, replenish minerals and nutrients tastefully with a Summer Smoothies.

Green Smoothie #3
Sea Tea, (Named by Shawna Ruppert for her son)
2 plums
1 peach
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups almond milk
greens (you pick 1 cup of : basil, celery, dandelion, Swiss chard, watercress, lettuce varieties, mint, sorrel, and strawberry leaves.  These are selections you can pick just one or in combination.  All are beneficial and seasonal greens.)

Blend with ice to your liking and enjoy!  This is a wonderful breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cooling off treat for your body.

This smoothie has no sea or tea in it, but when it comes to getting kids interested in trying new things you have to be creative and have fun.



If you’re looking to incorporate healthier foods into your diet, then Kelley’s Passion for Nutrition is one blog you definitely shouldn’t miss! Kelley’s blog is full of tasty recipes for any occasion, as well as lots of tips to help you teach your little ones good eating habits! If you pay her a visit, let her know I sent you!

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