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Black Taffeta Style CorsetDo Corsets Ever Go Out of Style? The Corset Chick Review

I rarely get the opportunity to get all snazzied up; however, thanks to The Pitch List and Corset Chick, I recently had the opportunity to review an item that can spark some interest in my significant other (not that it takes much) and that can double as a sexy top for a night out on the town…if I feel brave enough, that is!

What is Corset Chick?

Corset Chick is one website that is definitely bringing sexy back. Whether you are looking for a sexy outfit to impress your significant other with, a naughty Halloween costume or some hot clubwear, Corset Chick has you covered. They offer a huge array of corsets, corset tops and corset dresses, but you can also find plus size corsets and other plus size items there as well! The best part? Corset Chick is extremely reasonable when compared to other retailers. I was truly amazed at the prices.

In fact, the last corset I purchased was in 2005 and it cost me nearly $70.00 at Fredrick’s of Hollywood. The one you see to the side here is very similar and costs just $27.99! For a money-savvy mom like me, that’s a real steal and definitely makes me reconsider spending a little cash here and there to liven up our adult time. I think my guy will definitely appreciate it and it will also give me the opportunity to dress up and feel sexy again. Hey, let’s face it; those “sexy” days are few and far between when you’re a mom. I’ll take all the help I can get!

What I Love about Corset Chick

The corset I chose from Corset Chick is the one pictured above. It’s a Black Taffeta Style Corset and it comes in a wide variety of sizes. This is a boned corset, so it helps to push in and up. That’s great for those of us who don’t have the shape we did in high school…yes, like me! The boning wasn’t so restrictive that I couldn’t breathe or sit down while wearing it, and I definitely did feel sexy in it. Below is a pic of me actually wearing it. Sexy, right?

Me in My Corset Chick Black Taffeta Corset

There was such a big selection of different corsets that it was difficult to choose, but I think it’s refreshing to find a site that specializes in them because there is literally something for everyone. Each corset also comes in a wide array of sizes, but do pay close attention to the sizing chart. Continue reading for more on that.

The quality of the corset I received was also quite impressive for the price. Although I was sent this item to review free of charge, I always pay attention to price because I rarely recommend something that I wouldn’t be willing to foot the bill for myself. Now I did notice that there was a stray thread on the front of the corset near the boning. I was a bit nervous about pulling it because I was afraid that it would unravel somewhere and expose the boning. However, after a few days of contemplation, I nervously performed scissor surgery on the thread. I’m happy to report that after three uses, it hasn’t given me any issues yet. Therefore, I would have to say that the quality, when compared to pricier corsets from other retailers, is amazing. This item would stand up to any corset that you would find in some of the priciest lingerie stores.

What Frustrated Me About Corset Chick

It took me a while to get the laces adjusted just right in the back, but once I did, it fit like a glove. A tight glove, but a glove nonetheless. I haven’t worn one of these in a few years and this one was a lot different than the one I have because it has metal hooks that you have to manage to get together. When you’re doing this on your own, it is quite a cumbersome task. So my suggestion is, if you want to surprise your significant other, have a girlfriend come over to help you get into it. It will be much quicker and less frustrating. Yes, ladies, there’s a reason that Miss Scarlet had her handmaidens cinching her up. It ain’t easy!

Finally, I was frustrated with the sizing, which I briefly touched on above. I think a lot of women would find themselves way more sexy if the sizing was appropriately calculated for the products available on Corset Chick. The sizing for the corsets runs extremely small, so you have to order sizes that are much larger than you are used to wearing. They do disclose this, so I had no problems with mine because I paid close attention and measured myself prior to letting them know my size. However, I find it a bit disconcerting that a woman that is a size 12 should have to order a 3X. I am a curvy gal and have been since puberty took its toll. I have the traditional hourglass figure. My chest is much larger than my waist and my hips are about an inch shy of being as wide as my chest.

You might be able to tell in the picture above that my corset is actually sinking inward a bit at the front of my waist. That’s because I had plenty of room in the waist, but it was cinched there as tight as I could get it (edge to edge) and my bust and hips were putting some major pressure on those metal clasps; causing the boning to shift inward on the one part and outward on the other. One of the clasps at my waist actually undid itself when I turned in it.

The major problem? The g-string that comes with the corset was WAY too big for me. And, no, I won’t be showing any pictures of that because they don’t exist. However, that was far closer to being a 3X than the corset was and in my opinion, that’s a problem. It would be better for them to either size the items more appropriately, or offer a sizing chart for the g-string so that customers can select a size that’s appropriate for that particular item.

My Overall Opinion of Corset Chick

I think Corset Chick is a great site that offers a fabulous array of products that can help a woman feel super-sexy. The products are quite durable and I feel that the quality is what you could expect of items that cost triple the amount in other stores. The only major flaw I found was the sizing. Sure, the corset is difficult to get on, but they have always been this way, so that’s not really a valid issue. Overall, I feel that Corset Chick is a store that I would shop at because of the remarkable quality and the amazing prices.

Want to rekindle the spark in your relationship? Check out the wide array of products at Corset Chick. There’s sure to be something that will you’ll fall in love with!

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