Woolzies Review and Giveaway!

Woolzies Review and Giveaway

Woolzies Review and Giveaway

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to dry your laundry? How about a cheaper, easier and more eco-friendly way? Well, I’ve got some news for you – there is! As a member of the Pitch List, I was given the opportunity to review Woolzies Dryer Balls, and let me tell you that these things are nothing short of amazing. Just as I mentioned in my question above, Woolzies are easy to use, eco-friendly and will save you some money!

My Little Helper Showing Off the Woolzies

My son (my little helper) loves showing off the Woolzies!

Woolzies Review – What are Woozies?

I used to think of dryer balls as the Downy Ball that you could fill with liquid fabric softener and although this is a somewhat similar concept used to soften your laundry and prevent static cling, there are four main differences.

  1. Woolzies are not hollow. They are large, baseball-sized balls of natural wool.
  2. There is no fabric softener required. Woolzies ARE the fabric softener. Yep, this saves you money!
  3. They are easy to use. Just toss them in with your laundry. And you know what? You can leave them in there when you remove your laundry, thus eliminating a step next time.
  4. Woolzies are all natural and very eco-friendly.
Little Red Doing a Balancing Act with the Woolzies

My son (Little Red), doing a balancing act with the Woolzies.

These dryer balls came in a set of six. This is enough for a normal load of clothes. More Woolzies are required for extra-large loads of laundry from what I was told, but I didn’t test it to see. My loads were normal to large and I used just the six Woolzies dryer balls and had no problems at all. The product came with an insert that recommended rolling up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball the size of the Woolzies and placing it in the dryer along with the Woolzies; however, I skipped that part with the first load of laundry because I wanted to see how well it worked without the aluminum foil addition. Personally, I thought that the dryer balls worked just fine without the aluminum foil ball, but I didn’t really have any items in the load that really generated lots of static cling.

You guessed it, that was my next test!

So I washed my bedsheets and the two small throws that we use in the living room. The sheets are Egyptian cotton, but the throws are 100% polyester and create static cling like nobody’s business. I took the load from the washer and put it in the dryer with the Woolzies, turned the dryer on and waited. Once I heard the buzzer go off, I went to check out the results. I opened the dryer door and found that my sheets were already dry. That doesn’t normally happen with our dryer because our sheets tend to get tangled together and there’s usually still a nice, damp ball in the center that requires me to pull the sheets out, untwist or untangle them, put them back in and turn the dryer back on. However, the Woolzies did not completely prevent the static cling associated with the polyester throws. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the truth is that the dryer sheets I typically use don’t prevent the static cling in them either. In fact, I have to say that the dryer balls did a much better job, in my opinion.

Woolzies Review – My Overall Opinion

I really like Woolzies. I love the fact that they are eco-friendly and will save me money over time. Woolzies cost $35.99 and the shipping cost is $6.95, bringing the total to $42.94. Now before you say, “How on Earth is this going to save you money?” listen up. I go through an average of 120 dryer sheets a month for my family of four and I typically use 3 dryer sheets per load. A box of 120 dryer sheets costs me roughly $4.90 after coupons and tax, meaning that my cost per year is $58.80 using dryer sheets. Right? But that’s not all. I discovered that Woolzies actually minimized my drying time. I have no idea how much this will save me on my electric bill, but I imagine it will be at least $10.00 per month. That means that I’ll save around $136.00 per year!

Now, although these dryer balls are not scented, you can add your own scent by sprinkling a few drops of essential oil onto the balls before you pop them in the dryer. According to the manufacturer, the balls are expected to last one year, but I would imagine that varies by the number of loads of laundry that you do on a regular basis. Smaller families may see longer use, while larger families may see shorter use. Woolzies are a completely natural fabric softener, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals rubbing off onto you or your family. Another bonus? Because my guy is a welder, fabric softener is not to be used on his clothing because it breaks down the fire retardant properties. Woolzies does not, which means that he can now enjoy softer, static-free clothing as well!

Want to Win Your Own Set of Woolzies? We’re giving away 20 sets!

Woolzies has been VERY generous to the Pitch List – they are sponsoring 20 sets of Woolzies to be given away!

How do you enter?

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