Fun Family Activities for Fall

Fall is just around the corner and with it comes cooler weather and gorgeous scenery. This is the perfect time to take your family outdoors to enjoy the wonderful season that is fall. Here are a few fun family activities that you may enjoy.

Leaf Rubbings

Go outside and gather some leaves and bring them inside to make rubbings. All you need is some paper and crayons and you can create unique collages from the wonderful patterns of the leaves. You can also glue the leaves to heavy paper or cardboard and make a beautiful fall collage.


This is the perfect time to visit a state or national park in your area. Take a picnic and go for a walk on one of the trails. Enjoy the wonderful colors of the trees and the beautiful weather. You can take a book about different types of trees and try to point out the different types of trees throughout the area. Take a basket along and let your child gather rocks, leaves, twigs, and other pieces of nature. You can use these items to make a wonderful collage or other work of art.

Fall Festivals

Fall is the time of harvest and this typically is a wonderful time of year to go to the fall festivals that are taking place throughout the area. Festivals are a fun way to see another part of your state. There are many activities at these festivals that are usually reasonably priced. Many offer free music and great food.

Waxed Leaves

One of the best ways to keep the colorful leaves of fall around for a long time is to dip them in wax. This project can be done with older children. For this project you will need:

• About ¼ pound of paraffin wax
• 2 clean cans, one needs to be smaller than the other. We used a 28 ounce can and a 13 and ½ ounce can.
• Newspaper
• Wax paper
• Leaves


Place a piece of the wax in the smaller can and place the can inside the larger can. Add warm water to both of the cans, filling to about a half an inch below the smaller can. The wax will float to the top when it melts. Simmer the water on medium heat until the wax fully melts. Do not let the water come to a full boil. Remove the cans from the stove and place them on a piece of newspaper. Hold the leaves by the stem and dip them into the wax. Lay them on the wax paper to harden. These leaves can then be used to decorate a table for fall or to create a wonderful centerpiece or other art project.

Fall is a wonderful time to simply get outside and enjoy the weather and the beautiful colors. It will not be long and winter will be upon us and enjoying the outdoors will be limited to short amounts of time.

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