My Stockpile of Batteries is Dwindling – Time for Rechargeables?

Time for Rechargeable BatteriesI thought I was doing great with my stockpile. I’ve got most of the basics like non-perishable foods, common OTC meds, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, hair care, skin care and so much more. The funny thing is, as crazy as I was about building my stockpile, once Christmas came around, I forgot all about it and I haven’t really paid much attention to it since then because money has been a little tight.

Last time I actually paid attention, I still had two 1-gallon buckets full of batteries. That was well over a month ago. My son got so many new, battery operated toys for Christmas that he has single-handedly wiped out almost my entire stock of batteries!

Yes, one might think that with me preaching thriftiness that I would own a battery charger and rechargeable batteries, right? Well, we don’t. I sure plan to buy one though! This is ridiculous! It took me almost a year to fill those buckets full of batteries. That’s a year of watching and waiting for deals to pair with great coupons, then working my multiple transaction magic to save even more. Who knew it would be practically wiped out in a month?

So I’m back to square one and I have a few packages left – mind you, a few is like six 4-packs of AAA, a half pack of AA and two 4-packs of C batteries. Definitely nothing impressive, but at least the TV remotes will work for a while. Hopefully we’ll have an ice storm free winter this year. Otherwise I might have to *Gasp* pay FULL PRICE!

Do any of you stockpile batteries or do you prefer rechargeable batteries?


Image Credit: Batteries by Petr Kratochvil

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