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Yes, it’s true. I love my readers. Without the support, comments, social media interaction and just all around good vibes I get from you all, I just don’t think I’d have the drive to keep this blog going. And you know what? My friends at Semmes Savers and Deep South Dixie Couponers feel the same exact way! That’s why we have teamed up to bring our readers the chance to win a great giveaway – - – a $100 Gift Card!

I’ve been a big fan of for quite some time now. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out, I would suggest it. You can purchase gift certificates to restaurants in your area at a seriously discounted rate. In fact, the prize we have up for grabs could get you quite a few dinners out. For a busy mom, that equates to you getting a break for a night. Forget about cooking. Forget about having a sink full of dishes to do after dinner. Best of all, forget about hearing, “I’m not going to eat that,” or, “Aww…we’re haviing that again?” Yep, with, you’re off the hook for the night and you’ve gotta love that. I know I sure do!

Yes, it’s just because we love you – so be sure to love us back! How? Keep doing what you’re all doing, of course! Enter, like and share this giveaway with your friends! Just choose a share button at the bottom of this post to share it on your favorite social media site.

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  1. Hmmm Only thing I thought was weird or funny is when A guy asked me for a cheese burger and fries but he wanted the burger raw……RAW I asked he said throw it on the grill and count to 15 and then turn it over count again and slap cheese on it. He wants to hear it moo. OKAY I thought to myself….. LOL

  2. This is an awesome opportunity. I love using Thanks for posting this.

  3. Jamie Maracle says:

    A few weeks ago we were eating out as a family. My two year old son is in a throwing phase and throws everything and I mean everything. Usually at home when he is finishes eating he will pick up his plate and throw it, working on getting him to stop. Well I don’t think the family at the next table was expecting it but as soon as he was done eating (not finishing) what was in his plate and before I had a chance to grab the plate he threw it and the food at the table next to us. Man was I embarrassed

  4. Ashley Hawley says:

    My son heard someone fart at McDonald’s and blamed it on his grandpa. We was all busting out laughing while some older lady thought we was making fun of them. It was funny

  5. we met a friend at a restaurant she worked at…..well after hanging out and eating and talking….we left and she went to work her shift………well ummmmmmm we forgot to pay when we left!!!! she had to pay our bill for us………we did pay her back!!!

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