Jewelry Candles Giveaway

I just LOVE candles!
But you know what’s even more awesome than a regular candle? A candle that has jewelry hidden inside!
There’s a lot to be said about the amazing aroma of your favorite candle as its light reflects off of the sparkly new piece of jewelry you just found buried in its wax.
Speaking of candles…
Have you seen the newest addition to the Jewelry Candles Family?
Jewelry Candles have been evolving their fabulous line of scented candles since their inception.  Their latest addition may just be their biggest hit in my book!  I don’t care for cards, as the cute ones are overpriced.  Plus, a lot of times they get lost or misplaced.  Ever try keeping them with the gifts during a party?  If you’re like me, it never works out, and later you can’t figure out who gave you what so that you can send the thank you notes out!
With Greeting Card Candles you don’t have to worry about that!  Just pick the appropriate label (7 available now, with more coming out soon) and the scent you wish, and then give it to the recipient!  Three gifts in one (Candle, Jewelry, and Card) at one low price!
Plus, with the card being the label, you can be guaranteed that every time the recipient burns the candle, they are reminded of you!  How cool is that?
Jewelry Candles has allowed Semmes Savers to host a giveaway, where one lucky reader will receive the Happy Baby Shower Candle!
Enter via the Rafflecopter form below!  Good Luck!

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