Even a House in a Great Neighborhood Needs Security

Home Security is Needed Even in Good Neighborhoods

If you live in a bad neighborhood that constantly faces crime, then you obviously need a security system to keep thieves at bay. If you live in a good neighborhood, then you might consider yourself safe enough without a security system. While it’s true that certain neighborhoods have a much lower chance of being robbed, the fact is that no neighborhood is completely free of crime. There are many reasons why you should invest in a security system right now, regardless of your neighborhood.

Safe Until Disaster

What exactly is a good neighborhood? Most people characterize it as a place where there is no theft or home invasion. The truth is that a good neighborhood is nothing more than a place where theft hasn’t occurred yet. There’s a first for everything, and you don’t want to be the house that burglars pick when they start invading your area.

Living in a good community, even a gated one, will just reduce the likelihood of you being robbed. It doesn’t completely guarantee your safety. A security system will further reduce the likelihood of burglars choosing your house from all of the others.

Guilty Family Members and Workers

Most people think of robbers as shadowy men with masks that have no connection to the people they are robbing. While this certainly does characterize some burglars, the truth is that many family members, maids and other people that you willingly allow into your home will steal from you. Some families have members that don’t usually abide by the law, but your kind sibling that would never hurt a fly may also steal from you.

“Another thing that you must realize is that burglars have many ways of entering a house” says Jennifer Anderson a maker of Safe, Sound Family Security Systems.  They don’t just break through a window or sneak through some crack. They will often disguise themselves as utility or shipping workers to reduce suspicion. No one will bat an eye when a utility worker is walking around your house.

A security system will be able to monitor both the inside and outside of your home so that you can catch anybody doing something illegal.

Gated Community

If you live in a gated community, then you currently have a security system. The gates and guards will reduce the likelihood of anyone successfully sneaking in and stealing from somebody. At the same time, having your own security system is still a good idea.

As stated above, many thieves wear disguises. They can do this to get through guards. Not only that, but the uncomfortable truth is that the guards might know about the thieves. They just want a cut of whatever is stolen. You also have to worry about family members stealing from you.

A gated community is definitely safer, but nothing is completely safe. Security systems are all about making your house harder to steal from and deterring criminals. Having more security is always better than not having enough.

Fire and Other Dangers

Security systems are best known for deterring criminals, but most of these systems will also help if other disasters occur. For example, your house catches on fire and you can’t reach the phone. Your security system might be able to alert the proper authorities so that you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

A good neighborhood might have less crime, but fire, water and the other elements don’t care about your neighborhood.

Minimize Loss

While a security system is supposed to keep people out, there are some criminals that are so desperate that they will still go into your home and rob from you. These types of thieves are often hard to stop. If there isn’t a security system, then they will keep taking stuff until they can’t carry any more.

A security system minimizes loss because the thief knows that he or she only has a few minutes before the police come. You might still lose a few things, but the losses will be greatly minimized.


It doesn’t matter what type of neighborhood you live in. Every neighborhood can be affected by crime. Installing a security system as soon as possible, especially before any crime happens, will greatly reduce the chances of your home being invaded.


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