Spring Cleaning – So Close to Summer!

Spring cleaning is a week-long event at our house. Of course, as my son gets older, it becomes more and more eventful. All of those little nooks and crannies that we rarely get to during our day to day cleaning routine seem to be exactly the spots that hold the missing puzzle pieces that we’ve searched all over for, the Lego that we knew existed or the fruit snack that disappeared just after you opened the package. The cold return register often reveals long lost Matchbox cars, the plastic swords of plastic heroes and, I’m hoping, the helmet of an Imaginext character that we’ve been unable to find for the past two months.

Of course, Spring cleaning in our house doesn’t officially start until me and the hubby take down all of the mini blinds for their annual soak & scrub. That’s like our signal to the whole neighborhood that the madness has begun. We begin separating items; some go in the trash, while others are put into recycling bins or boxes marked “yard sale” on the sides. This is also the time that I take almost four hours to sort through my giant box of coupons. Because I do keep them organized by date and jot down the last date that coupons within the inserts expire, I can easily go in and pull out the inserts that no longer contain valid coupons. If there is an older insert in there that still has good coupons, I’ll generally go in and cut out the one or two coupons that are still good in those inserts.

This is also the time that we re-evaluate our music, movie and game collections. If we have CDs that we no longer listen to, we set them aside. The same is true with our DVDs and games. We don’t put these in the yard sale though. Instead, I choose to sell our CDs, DVDs and games online. Why? Because I can often get a lot more for them online than at the yard sale and I don’t have to deal with all of the haggling or waste time and money on price tags.

We also drag out the totes so that we can pull out the summer clothes and wash them. We then use those same totes to pack away the majority of our winter clothing. Of course, living in the Midwest, you always have to have a few cool weather outfits that you leave out because the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

On top of it all, we clean out the cabinets. Yes, we take all of the products and dishes out of the cabinets and wipe down the insides of each and every cabinet. Because we have so many cabinets in our kitchen, it takes almost a whole day to do just that, but I also wash all of the dishes that haven’t been taken out of the cabinets for a while.

The one thing I’m really not looking forward to? Washing the windows. My arms always feel like jello after doing the inside and outside of all of our windows – and I only do half because he does the outsides!

What do you most dread about Spring cleaning?

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  1. What I dread about spring cleaning is cleaning out the garage, it’s always a mess and so much junk gets stored out in the garage.

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