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Entertaining your kids can become expensive, especially during the long summer months when they are out of school. However, no matter what age of children that you have there are some cheap and easy ways to keep them entertained.

Summer Reading Programs

Our library as well as many others across the nation offers a summer reading program. The program encourages children to visit their library, read, and earn points. Every time they earn ten points they receive a prize. At the end of the summer they receive a new book. This is a great way to keep your children reading all summer long.


Take your kids to the park! Even when it is hot outside you can take the kids to the park and let them have a water balloon fight or water gun fight. This is a fun way to entertain them that is relatively free and can last all afternoon.

We have several parks around here that have creeks running through them. Let the kids play in the creek. As a mom of two boys, creeks are my best friend. I can watch from above and they enjoy finding all the critters that live there.

Public Pools

The public pool is not my favorite place in the world, but it is a place that every child enjoys no matter what age. We are pretty lucky to have two great public pools within a few minutes of our house. We bring our own drinks and snacks and the cost of admission is just a few dollars. If you are going to be visiting the pool often consider buying a pass as it can save you some money.

Neighborhood Activities

If there are several children in your neighborhood organize activities with the other adults and children. Plan a water balloon fight, have a picnic in someone’s backyard, or simply let the kids get out and play with each other.

These are just a few activities to get the summer started. Have a fun and fabulous Friday!

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