Love Surprises? #TreatYourCar with Conoco

I was recently invited to a really cool event and just had to tell you all about it! Conoco had a surprise Pop Up Car Wash event in Springfield, MO this past Sunday, right next to Hammons Field!

I don’t know about you, but there’s just no better way to enjoy a baseball game than by having your car washed for FREE right before it! Sure, an ice cold drink and a stadium hot dog with all of the fixings is nice, but knowing that you have one less thing to worry about doing when you leave the game? Priceless! And let me tell you, there were some SUPER-happy people enjoying the opportunity to get their vehicles washed on such a hot day!

Conoco Treat Your Car - Car Wash

The people running the car wash were amazingly friendly, especially considering that it had to have been at least 95 degrees outside that day. The sun was beating down on Springfield and that pavement had to be hot, but they were all smiles. They even told us to stay in our vehicle and enjoy the air conditioning while they got to work. Before we knew it, our vehicle was being scrubbed down and we were peering at them through the suds as they gave us the best free car wash we’d ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Conoco Treat Your Car Event - Drying the Car

ConocoCares Pop Up Car Wash - Springfield, MO

I even caught them taking pictures of us, while I was taking pictures of them! Ha! Everyone likes a good pic!

Conoco Pop Up Car Wash

I love that Conoco cares enough to give their customers the opportunity to treat their cars to some pampering. It’s a great way to give a little something back to the community, brighten up the day and just give someone a really nice surprise. You don’t see that very often from big companies like Conoco, so I definitely want to recognize them for that because I really respect the effort. Let’s face it, times are tough and it’s the little things that help us get through that daily grind.

Conoco Treat Your Car Pop-Up Car Wash Event - Free Air Freshener and $5 Gift Card

Did I mention they gave us what I thought was a really nice additional touch? Check out the funny air freshener and the gift card with, “Go ahead, make my day,” printed on the inside of the envelope. The gift card was worth $5! I’ll take $5 off my gas purchase any day! Thanks, Conoco!

Want to know if there’s going to be an event like this in your area? Be sure to stalk the hashtag #TreatYourCar to keep up with all of the latest surprises!

What about the game? Yes, we attended that, too! It was a good game and, because this was our first time at Hammons Field, we had to get some pictures. It’s a gorgeous ballpark with lots of friendly people working to make sure it stays that way. I had never been to a minor league game before, but I totally loved it! They did something special after every single inning – from a donut eating contest to playing a game called “Are You Smarter Than a Cubs Fan?” and just about everything in between, it was loads of fun. (No offense to the Cubs fans.)

Hammons Field - Springfield, MO

Minor League Cardinals - Hammons Field - Springfield, MOFinally, my son’s personal favorite (and probably my own as well), is the picture I got of him with Fetch, one of the two Minor League Cardinals’ Mascots. Fredbird’s equivalent, Louie, didn’t get close enough to us to get a good picture of him. How those guys were those heavy outfits in such crazy temperatures I’ll never understand. That’s a whole lotta love for the team if you ask me.

My Son and Fetch at the Cardinals Game

Disclosure: I am working with Conoco to bring you information regarding events like this. Be sure to follow the hashtag #TreatYourCar to find out when there’s an event in your area!

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