Make it Monday

Make it Monday

strawberriesDid you know that June is national strawberry month? Lately all of my friends have been posting great pictures of picking strawberries at the strawberry fields. For this week’s make it Monday, I thought I would post a great little basket project so that you can share your tasty berries with your friends and neighbors in a cute and decorative way.

Strawberry Baskets

What you Need:


  • Red craft paint (various shades can be used)
  • Styrofoam coffee cups
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Felt
  • Yellow buttons
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Tissue paper
  • Tooth pick
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors

To Make:

Paint the outside of the cups and let dry. You may need more than one coat depending on the type of paint that is used.

When the paint on the cup dries you will then take the marker and draw dots all over the cup. This represents the “seeds” of the strawberry.

Next, use the toothpick to puncture a hole in each side of the cup. Poke the pipe cleaners through and bend the end to secure. This will act as the handle of the basket.

To decorate the rim of the basket cut the felt into two inch wide strips. Use the scissors to create a decorative edge that mimics leaves. Use the glue to attach and cover up the handle on the outside.

Cut flowers from felt and glue the yellow buttons to the middle. Use as decorations for the basket.

Line the basket with tissue paper and fill with treats!



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