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fun in the creek

With this being said, I used to teach preschool and have tons of fun ideas for things to do….for preschoolers. My boys are now 11 and 6 and finding entertainment that suits both of them can be a little bit tricky, especially when you are on a tight budget! Here are a few things that we have done this summer that both of my boys seemed to enjoy.

Walking in the Creek

I have boys so anything involving water and creatures is often a hit. We are fortunate enough to live near several parks including some great state parks so we typically will buy a state park pass that is good for the entire year. For around $40 you cannot beat all that the state parks have to offer.

I have taken the boys to the creek several times. We bring along cheap dollar store nets and buckets and I let them catch whatever creatures that they can. We always set them free at the end of our day, but I do have a friend who has let her boys keep a couple of crawdads that they now have in an aquarium.

Water Balloon Fight

Once again if water is involved my boys are typically happy. I will be honest, I am not a fan of water balloons mostly because I hate tying them. However, for around $10 you can buy a little device that will tie the balloons for you. I found this kit at Bed Bath and Beyond and it has been one of our favorite summer activities so far.

I think one of the most important things to do as a parent is to take the time and let your kids lead. Ask them what they want to do and if possible do it. Most of the time you will be surprised at the things that they come up with and often the things that they want to do are not all that expensive!

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