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frosted jarsAt my house we go through a lot of pasta sauce in glass jars. I cringe at the thought of throwing the glass jars away so I have been looking for different things to do with them. One of the crafts that I found was creating frosted jars and using them as candle holders. You could also use them to store things such as push pins or other small items around the house as these jars are very pretty.


What you Need

Recycled Glass Jars

Frost glass paint (Martha Stewart brand works well)

Acrylic sealer

Optional Items

Jewelry wire


To Make:

These are really quite simple to make. Make sure that the labels have been removed from the jar and then proceed to paint with the frost glass paint. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour and then spray on the acrylic sealer. This is really all you have to do in order to have a pretty painted jar. If you want you can use jewelry wire to wrap around the top of the jar with beads for an extra decorative look. You could also add a tag as a label if you are going to be storing items in the jars. If you are using as candle holders place a tea light in the bottom. This would be great to use in an outdoor area.

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