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Some of my favorite sauces to use

Some of my favorite sauces to use

One of my favorite cheap recipes to make is stir fry. A stir fry is so simple to make and most of them are completely healthy. I have recently discovered some great stir fry sauces that are relatively inexpensive and taste great. I try to buy the sauces when they are on sale so I always have a quick meal ready for those busy nights.

What You Need:

A tablespoon of olive oil

1 large bag of frozen stir fry vegetables

Extra firm tofu, beef, or chicken

Stir fry sauce


How to Make:

Heat olive oil in a skillet and add tofu/beef/chicken. Cook until heated through. Remove from pan and add vegetables and sauce. Cook until the vegetables are tender and then add the tofu/beef/chicken. Serve over rice.

There are some great dumplings out there as well and I like to serve those with this meal on occasion. However, the dumplings add to the price of meal as most brands are kind of expensive.

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