Wacky Wednesday

This wacky Wednesday story is something that actually happened to me two weeks ago. Ironically, it even occurred on a Wednesday.

My sister-in-law decided to take a spur of the moment trip to St. Louis with our kids. This includes a 13 year old, two 11 year olds, a six year old and a four month old baby.

Driving to St. Louis takes about four hours on a good day….when you are not travelling with five kids. Not sure what we were thinking, but the trip was fun. We arrived and went swimming at the hotel and then headed to the City Museum the following day. For those that have never been and live anywhere near the city of St. Louis, the City Museum is a wonderful place to visit. I guarantee you have never been any place like it. It is not even that expensive to get in and there is so much to do.

So, the first day in St. Louis was wonderful. The next day we planned on going to the zoo for the day and then had purchased tickets to go up in the arch. That Wednesday started out great. We spent the day at the zoo and headed back to the car to head over to the arch and then plan home. This is where our plans changed a bit.

As we arrived at our car we noticed something was wrong. There was a security officer standing right next to it and as we got closer we noticed the shattered glass. Someone had broken into the car and taken all of our stuff. It was horrifying.

I had taken my purse into the zoo with me, but didn’t want to carry everything in my wallet so I had taken out a couple of cards and my driver’s license and left the wallet in the car. Of course they stole it. So two weeks later and I am still dealing with that mess!

These people also took my two nephew’s backpacks, my youngest son’s backpack, and the diaper bag. The took a kindle, an iPhone, and a pair of Beats headphones as well.

Getting your stuff taken is one of the worst feelings in the world and I hope that none of you ever have to go through that. The worst part for me was/is that my son’s were afraid to come home because the thieves have all of our information.

I have been trying to remain positive about it all and doing my best to understand why someone would do this. I hope I never have another wacky Wednesday experience like this again. 10 Story SlideOutdoor Climbing


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