Frugal and Effective Ways Moms Can Return to College

Frugal and Effective Ways Moms Can Return to CollegeToday, there are a growing number of moms returning to college campuses. In the hopes of pursuing a degree for the first time, completing a bachelor’s or chasing a master’s, programs such as South University Savannah degrees, community colleges or online programs can all prove affordable ways to enroll and begin taking the steps you want towards your degree. If you are planning to enroll this semester, here are some good tips to keep in mind.


There are several common ways purchase textbooks.

•The campus bookstore

•Online, i.e.

•Rent books


If you absolutely need the book for class by tomorrow, then it is probably best to head straight over to the campus bookstore. Many school bookstores try to buy-back textbooks and sell used materials to cut costs. However, this is still one of the more expensive ways to do it.

If you have your course material list before hand, then use the time to shop around online. usually has some of the best deals on used textbooks. Shipping is usually speedy, so you will be completely prepared for class.

Next there is the option to rent a text book. For more expensive texts, this can be a good option. Another plus is that at the semester’s end you won’t have to find a place to store that gigantic chemistry text on your own shelves.

Finally, e-books are gaining popularity amongst owners of tablets and e-readers. Most publishing companies produce an e-text version of their books. However, the electronic version is not necessarily cheaper. But it does usually come with some cool perks such as interactive flashcards and other learning programs. If you buy a hard copy of your textbook brand new, it will most likely come with a free version of the e-text as well.

Choosing Classes: Online or On Campus

Although online universities can be pretty pricey, there are some cost-effective ways to take classes online through your community college. Community colleges are usually much cheaper per unit that major universities. They can be a fantastic place to accomplish your general courses. When you register for an online class, your schedule becomes more flexible as you can complete course hours on your own time. And when online class are offered through a community college you often save on some of the student fees because you will not actually have to step foot on the campus.

However, online classes require self-motivation and diligence. The work can easily catch up with you, so it is important to be on top of things. If you fear that a certain course will prove a difficult subject, then it might be best to find an actual class time that works with your schedule so that you will get the hands on instruction of a professor who is in the classroom with you. If however, you choose to take the online route, do not hesitate to email your professor with any questions. And make sure that you still take advantage of the tutoring services available on physical campus.

Knowing your strengths and your budget can help you prepare for a successful first semester back at school.

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