Fun Fabulous Friday


Once again it is that fantastic day of the week known as Friday. This was my kids first week back at school and I don’t know who is more tired, them or me. I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and I know that they are as well.

Since summer vacation is over for many kids and soon will be for many others, the cost of entertaining your kids comes down to the weekends. I have thought about different family outings and things that we can do to make our weekends fun. This first weekend we are likely going to just relax at home though because it has been a really long week of trying to get back into the whole school routine.

One fun thing that you can do with your kids that is relatively inexpensive and offers a nice little outing is to go bowling. There are often groupons available for your local bowling alleys that make this adventure even cheaper.

Kids bowl free is a summer program that you can sign up for that allows your kids to bowl two free games each week for free. The program also has a family pass for around $25 that allows parents to bowl with their kids all summer long as well

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