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corn starch and shaving creamI have two boys so I am always looking for different types of slimy, doughy materials for them to play with. We make ooblick (cornstarch and water) on a regular basis. We are also big fans of flubber (glue and liquid starch). I was looking for something different and came up with what we like to call foam dough.

The best part about this is all you need is some shaving cream and some cornstarch. You can add some food coloring as well if you want to create different colors of dough.

To Make:

This could not be easier. In a dish or just on your table, whichever you prefer, simply dump some corn starch. Cover the corn starch with shaving cream and put in a bit of food coloring. Let the kids mix it all together until it forms this wonderful foamy dough. You can mold the dough just like play dough. It is soft and it smells good! I have discovered that this dough is great for making your hands soft as well!

My boys play with this stuff for hours! I hope your kiddos enjoy it as much as mine do.

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