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Almost all kids are back to school now and so begin the evenings filled with homework. For those with younger kids it is likely that you are overwhelmed with all of the papers that your child brings home on a regular basis. If you are anything like me you find it hard to just throw the paper away that is until they start taking over your home.


I started this tradition when my oldest was in kindergarten and it has worked rather well for us. I purchase a cheap plastic container, the size just larger than the shoe box size, and let my son’s decorate it. We put the grade on the top and this is where we keep papers from school.


When the box gets full the boys go through it and get rid of things that they do not want and keep the things that they do. These boxes are stored in the closet. This is a wonderful way to keep the paper under control, but still allows the kids to know that the work they have done is important. They get to choose the things that are most important to them, which is a great thing to learn as well.


All you need is a plastic container, some stickers and some sharpies and you can create a back to school storage box for the year!

storage containers for school papers

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