Sparkling Lemonade Popsicles

Cool treats on a hot day are a must, right? That’s what my son seems to think, which is why I am forever making popsicles, ice cream and other frozen creations. One of his favorite things to do is freeze the beverages that we make with our Sodastream. This one incorporates the sparkling lemonade that he loves and I have to admit, I love it, too!

Lemon Soda Popsicles

Sparkling Lemonade Popsicles

These Sparkling Lemonade Popsicles are super-easy to make. You can use regular lemonade as well, for a heavier taste, but we like to use our Sodastream to make sparkling lemonade (I add about 1/4 cap more of the syrup to the carbonated water when using it for popsicles) and then add that to the popsicle mold. I also sprinkle just a little bit of lemon zest into the popsicle mold before I pour in the sparkling lemonade.

My son just loves to help me make popsicles, so I pour the liquid into a cup and let him add it to the popsicle molds. Surprisingly, at four years old, he has yet to make a huge mess when helping me make popsicles!

Freeze these babies for about five hours and you’ll have a deliciously refreshing frozen treat that you and your kids can all enjoy on a hot day.

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