Save Money by Planning Your Family Winter Trip Now

If you foresee enough room in the family budget for a winter vacation, then start planning now. The unlikely ski or snowboard family trips are more attainable and affordable when booked far in advance. Now that September has rolled around and the kids are back in school, it’s time to look ahead.

 Save Money by Planning Your Family Winter Trip Now

Here are five reasons for Moms why a winter vacation is worth if for your family and how you should plan it.


1.      Summer Vacation is Not Enough


Every family plans a worthwhile summer vacation, but it’s not enough to get you through the busy hectic school year with kids. You and the kids both need a break from school, crazy schedules, and work halfway through the school year. Planning a winter vacation to a family friendly ski resort gives you time to relax and unwind while the children learn a new sport and have fun.


2.      Check Hotel/Motel/Resort Rates Daily


It’s not that difficult to check the changing rates for hotels, motels, or family friendly resorts online on a daily basis. If unsure about where exactly the vacation might occur, then narrow the search down to no more than three locations that aren’t too far from your home. Your daily searches will certainly turn up with a deal that fits the budget.


Saving money on transportation costs proves essential. The gas prices change constantly. Plus, it’s always harder to travel farther with a larger family. Winter vacations are meant to be quick, fun, and relaxing.


3.      Shop for Winter Clothes in the Off Season


One of the biggest finances affecting the family budget is clothing. Every child requires the right jacket or gear for the changing seasons. If you’re planning a winter vacation to a ski resort, then your kids will need the right ski or snowboarding jackets, knit hats and protective headgear, gloves, snow pants, and thermal clothing, or snowboards from


Shopping now or at other parts of the offseason is ideal. Families should take advantage of lower prices, sales, and deals before they start climbing again as the winter months approach. For the very thrifty parents, try to find ways that normal winter clothing is useful on the vacation trips. When shopping for more than one child, don’t be afraid to attempt to negotiate for a bargain with store managers. You never know what amazing deal you can attain.


4.      Cheaper Lift Tickets


For many ski and snowboard enthusiasts, the heavy prices for winter vacations derive from expensive mountain lift tickets. Moms and dads don’t want to spend over eighty to one hundred dollars a day per person on lift tickets for the family. The farther ahead you plan a winter vacation, the better deals you’ll find for lift tickets. You’d be surprised at the amazing prices available when purchased ahead. When you buy tickets for more than one person, the money saving opportunities will most likely increase.


5.      Stay Physically Active


During the colder winter months it’s harder finding ways to stay physically active.  The cold bitter weather typically keeps you indoors in front of the television or computer. Staying active is a great way to build a healthier immune system this winter to battle any potential illnesses. An outdoor inspired winter vacation encourages you and your children to get moving during those months.


Abby Evans is a freelance journalist currently writing about education and family budgeting. Connect with her on Twitter.


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