5 Essential Tips on Moving to a New Country

Moving AbroadSo you’ve decided to move your family to another country? Chances are your mind has a million and one things to worry about, but follow these essential budget-friendly tips and you’ll be that much more prepared:

Moving Your Stuff

Moving your household items is going to be by far the most time-consuming and stressful aspect of the move. Usually it is cheaper to transport goods by sea than by air but the former option takes a lot longer. If you aren’t moving for a while consider sending your belongings well in advance by boat and having them stored until you make the move. Then they can be delivered to your new home when it suits you. If you’re not moving permanently, look into storage options for your things. For example, Taxibox Self Storage Sydney is a great option for those planning on moving to Australia – they deliver a portable storage which you load with your things and then have collected.


If you’re going to be driving in a new country, think about whether your existing driving license will be valid. Sometimes it will be but it’s best to play it safe by carrying an International Driving Permit (IDP) which is recognized by over 150 countries. Even if you’re just renting a car, the rental firm might request an IDP, which is handily printed in 10 languages to facilitate the process. Also, note that if traffic drives on the opposite side of the road to your current country, it can be worth practicing or having lessons before getting on the road. Research how to obtain a proper license in the country you’re moving too.  

Plan, Plan, Plan

Not a major insight, granted, but planning will be the key to any successful move. There’s so much to consider when moving to a new country: visas, jobs, finding a property, and schooling, to name but a few. Do as much research about where you’re planning to live: check out what you need to do to buy a property as a foreigner; look at potential schools and their reputations; apply for jobs beforehand and if necessary have interviews over video call. If you’ve already got a job secured, and know which properties you want to view and which schools to approach, it can take a load off your mind.

Find Friends

Look to see if anyone you know is living in the country you’re moving to. Even if they’re an old friend from university who you’ve not talked to in years, they’ll more than likely give you some useful tips. They’ll be able to advise you on which mistakes not to make and all the important things to remember, including problems you might not have even considered like your electrical equipment not working. They might even know about job openings and school information of that’s necessary. Don’t have any friends in the country? Join a forum and you’ll find plenty of people willing to help. These resources are cheaper than buying guide books which are usually outdated.

Make a Checklist

If the idea of making your own checklist for a move sounds like a hassle, remember there are plenty of resources on the internet from those who’ve already done it or specialize in moving. Search for moving checklists on the internet, print them out, and it’ll be sure to put your mind at ease just a little.  

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  1. Athena Emmanouilidis says:

    I lived in Greece for 6 months once. I hope the violence in Mexico subsides because I’d love to live there some day as well

  2. Moving to a new country sounds amazingly stressful but these tips would certainly help. Thanks for these organizational tips!

  3. I have never moved to another country, not even another state. I can’t even imagine all of the planning involved but thank you for sharing these tips and checklists.

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