Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge – Fun with the Stars!

Hollywood Wax Museum Entrance

Pigeon Forge, TN offers a great deal of fun attractions to occupy your time. One of the attractions that we were really excited to visit was Hollywood Wax Museum. I mean, who doesn’t want to get their pictures taken with the stars?

Our Visit to Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge

While we were in Tennessee, we stopped in to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge – and oh, what fun we had! My son, at just four years old, didn’t even know who most of the figures were, but I think he had just as much fun as his father and I did!

What’s better than being able to walk right up to your favorite stars and pose with them however you want? Very few things I can think of. There’s no paparazzi, no stars running from you, no bodyguards shoving you out of the way and no boundaries at all! You can be yourself. Want to kiss Brad Pitt? Go for it! It’s not the real Brad Pitt, but it sure looks close enough to make your friends take a second peek.

Me and Robert Downey Jr. at Hollywood Wax Museum

See? Me and Robert Downey Jr. look great together! Shh…don’t tell the hubby!

The coolest thing is that someone actually labored for several hours to create every single one of these wax figures. Getting up close to these figures it was evident that great care was taken in every detail. Obviously, some figures aren’t quite as good as others, but they’re all still quite amazing to see.

For instance, you see this picture of me and Robert Downey Jr. to the left? Doesn’t he look great? The hair, the whiskers – down to the distinguished showing of gray – it’s all in place. What I love most about this one is that they made sure to include his laugh lines and they totally nailed the eyes. I mean, look at those eyes!

Wyatt and Rusty with Forrest Gump at Hollywood Wax Museum

The boys were enamored with Tom Hanks, as Forrest Gump. Wyatt just wanted a chocolate!

But Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only amazing looking wax figure you’ll see at Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge! I found tons of my favorite stars, even those that died before I was born, like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley. What’s a museum of the stars without the one that made so many people laugh for so long? Yes, I’m talking about Lucille Ball, the infamous redhead that kept us entertained by constantly getting herself into trouble with her hot-headed husband, Desi.

My hubby found his favorite movie character of all time, Forrest Gump. I knew a picture was necessary, so I gladly obliged. Although he was missing a finger (hoping someone didn’t take it as a souvenir), old Forrest looked pretty darn close to the real thing as he sat on the bench, clutching his box of chocolates.

The only other person to top Forrest Gump in my hubby’s eyes would have been Andy Griffith. Sadly, there isn’t a wax figure of him, but we’d sure like to see one someday!

Predator at Hollywood Wax Museum

Insert unusually creepy alien sounds here. Eek!

There were all sorts of realistic characters at Hollywood Wax Museum, but I think the one that was just scary-real was the Predator. Check out this bad boy! I mean, who wouldn’t scream if they ran into that in a dark alley – or fully armed in a tropical forest? My son got super-scared in this area of the wax museum, so we had to move pretty quickly through all of the horror characters that I love so much.

As we hurried through, I had to stop and snap a few pictures of myself with the horror icons, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. How could you not? I started to head towards Freddy Kreuger, but Wyatt was having none of that, so I didn’t get my pic with him.

Wyatt with Dale Earnheardt Jr. at Hollywood Wax Museum

Wyatt with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon at Hollywood Wax Museum

As I said previously, my son really enjoyed himself – post horror area. He wanted to take pictures with all of the people he recognized and even some that he didn’t. To the right, you’ll see him just as excited as Dale Earnhardt Jr., as he stands in between him and his trophy. He looks like he’s the one winning that trophy, doesn’t he?

I can just imagine the visions running through his head. I remember how my imagination would run wild as a child. I hope his does the same. It sure broadens the horizon and makes life so much more fun.

Wyatt with Happy Gilmore at Hollywood Wax Museum

Yes, we’re a whole family of Adam Sandler fans!

After we saw Dale, it wasn’t long before we ran into Happy – – Happy Gilmore that is! My son refused to hold up just one finger for #1. He said Dale was #1, so Happy had to be #2. Ha! I really wish my stepdaughter had been with us. She loves Adam Sandler movies! She also would have loved to have been photographed with Edward and Bella from the Twilight movies.

He was also slightly disappointed that Happy didn’t let us play mini-golf. Try explaining to a four year old that just because that guy is standing on what looks like a golf course and has a golf club in his hand, that it DOES NOT mean that we’re going to play golf, mini-golf or anything golf-related.

Wyatt with Ben Stiller and Jack Black at Hollywood Wax Museum

Oh, goodness! My baby already wants to be a soldier. *Sob*

Thankfully, a few minutes later he had forgotten all about that and moved on to way cooler thoughts…like becoming a soldier!

Check him out! He’s hanging with Ben Stiller and Jack Black from the movie Tropic Thunder! He made me take three pictures of him with these guys, so although he only caught part of the movie when his dad and I watched it, he remembered who they were. The child’s mind is a funny, funny thing. Ever been in the store with your kid when he all of the sudden remembers something totally embarrassing that happened weeks ago and decides to bring it up while you’re in the crowded check-out lane? Yeah, me too.

Wyatt with the Men in Black at Hollywood Wax Museum

Give that boy a black suit – he’s in!

He even got to meet his super-heroes, the Men in Black! I couldn’t believe it when he posed like them and even got the facial expression down. In all reality, I think hunting aliens would be his dream job right now if he had to choose. It ranks right up there with Cowboy, Space Ranger and Ghost Hunter. Of course, the occupation of Space Ranger may include alien hunting. Wouldn’t you think?

All in all, we had a really good time at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge and we would definitely go back and do it all over again. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out – it’s loads of fun for the whole family and definitely an experience that you’ll never forget! I know we won’t!

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