Off to Pigeon Forge #PFTitanicFAM

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all – I’m leaving you!

Calm down, calm down. It’s only temporary. In fact, I’ll probably be back before you know it.

We’re headed to Pigeon Forge, TN!

My family and I were invited by Titanic Attractions and US Family Guide to come down and visit Pigeon Forge, TN. For us, it was like crossing off one of the items on our bucket list because Pigeon Forge was on our list of places we “must visit” with the family. I’m so excited I could just burst! We haven’t been on a family vacation in over 2 years, but we’ve REALLY needed one.

For the next 14 hours, you probably won’t hear much from me. However, once we finally get there, I’ll be posting pretty regularly on my social media feeds.

So what are we going to do in Pigeon Forge? Well, lots of things!

It’s a 9 hour drive for us and we’re leaving in just a few hours, so I imagine the first thing we’ll do is take advantage of the swimming pool at the Music Road Hotel to liven us back up and give us a chance to get the blood flowing through our limbs again. Next up will be a trip to the Comedy Barn for some family-friendly entertainment. I hear that they’ve got one of the best comedy shows in town. I’ve got two jokers with me, so I sure hope they don’t call them both up on stage!

Titanic Attraction Pigeon Forge

Titanic Children's GallerySunday we’ll be experiencing what it was like for passengers and crew aboard the Titanic at the Titanic Attraction. I’m excited about taking pictures on the Grand Staircase and touching a real iceberg! Of course, I’ll probably be shedding a few tears, too. Especially after visiting the gallery that features 133 stories of the Children of Titanic. After that, we’ll be checking out some warmer waters at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg. They say that there’s more fish in the Aquarium than there are people in the whole city of Gatlinburg. I think I’m going to count to see if I “Believe it or Not.” Considering that it’s been voted #1 Aquarium by TripAdvisor, I imagine it will be quite an experience. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

Once we’re done playing with the fishies, we’re going to go check out Parrot Mountain and Gardens in Sevierville. It’s been compared to the view at Heaven’s Gate, so I’m eager to see what beauty awaits us – as well as how my son reacts to seeing all of the birds! We’re planning to finish off the day with a dinner show at Hatfield & McCoy. There’s something about witnessing part of the longest family feud in history that just makes a person hungry. Good thing, since it’s all we can eat! Once our bellies are full and the arguing stops, we’ll be headed over to the Smoky Mountain Opry to enjoy a wide array of music from various genres and get an eyeful of the high flying musicians.

Monday, we plan to stop by and visit our friends at Hollywood Wax Museum. I’m excited to finally meet two of the men who’ve topped the “Sexiest Man Alive” list, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper. I hope they’re not too hot, though. Don’t want them to melt before I get to meet them!

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Okay, signing off for now so I can get this great family vacation started! I’ll be posting about it soon!

Have you been to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? Let me know what your favorite attraction was in the comments below!


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