Ways to Save on Setting Up Your Home Heating System

Many things in our homes have changed over the years, but the basics seem to stay constant. Food, water, power and heating are the four things we need to keep things going. Those of us who live in colder climates will be keenly aware of our heating bills, and know that turning up our radiators at the beginning of winter may equate to heating costs climbing to their yearly peak! As with any household expense, we can cut down on our heating bills by using an efficient home heating system and thinking carefully about how we use it.

Get the Best Deal

Many of us spend years on the same power plan through force of habit. There is no particular reason for this; simply that it is often one of those things that don’t seem like a very high priority. The good news is that changing provider is far easier now than ever before, thanks to numerous websites offering instant comparisons as well as special deals for new customers. Energy companies are eager for your custom, so check your bills if they aren’t overpriced and don’t be afraid to change.

Another bonus to look out for is reduced cost boiler upgrade. Newer boilers will definitely save you money on bills, just be aware that initial setup costs can outweigh shorter term savings.

Make Your System More Efficient

You can use simple methods to make your heating energy go further. One great tip is to put foil behind your radiators. This will stop precious heat from being absorbed into the wall – instead, the foil will reflect most of the heat back into the room where it’s needed. With just a few pence worth of foil you’ll have a more efficient heating system that saves you significant cash in the long run.


If you have a system with a hot water tank, make sure that it is properly insulated. Considering that a tank stores heated water for long periods of time, you definitely don’t want the water cooling down too much. Make sure there are no gaps and the jacket is the right size (slightly looser is better than over-tight as air gaps add extra insulation).

The same goes for pipes, most especially in more exposed parts of the house such as the attic. Foam wrapping is cheap to apply and will help keep your heating bills down, as well as helping prevent disasters such as frozen pipes in winter.

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