Finding Just the Right Gift for Your Loved One

As we near the holidays, we find ourselves scrambling to find gifts for our loved ones. Some of our loved ones are easy to buy for and some are much more difficult. My dad and my grandma are always the most difficult people to shop for because when they want something, they just go buy it. What do you get someone like that?

Getting Creative with Holiday Gifts

There are lots of great options available when you’re trying to decide what gift to get someone, but sometimes you have to slow down and take a moment to really consider what they might want. Think about the things they like. What colors do they wear most often? What are their favorite shows? What are their favorite hobbies? Making a note of these things will really help you when you’re out and about, fulfilling your holiday shopping list.

Here are a few gift shopping ideas for the person that has everything:

Personalized Gifts: One of my favorite things to do when looking for gifts for people that are hard to shop for is look for items that I can have personalized. I think personalized gifts are more meaningful and, therefore, more treasured by the recipient. For instance, a necklace is a nice gift, but a necklace with a meaningful message that is unique to the recipient is something that they’ll want to hold on to forever. It’s the same with photo frames, photo boxes, t-shirts and more!

Homemade Gifts: There’s nothing more personal than something you make with your own hands. From a complete set of spa-like products to a beautiful scarf, hat or sweater that’s knitted with care, your gift is one that continues to give because your recipient knows that you took the time out of your busy life to make something special just for them.

Event Tickets: Tickets to a concert, sports game or movie that you know would interest your recipient are always a great gift – and something that they will certainly appreciate!

Gifts of Faith: Whether it’s a new book on faith by a beloved author, a plaque displaying words of inspiration or a new, faith-inspired charm for a bracelet, gifts of faith mean the world to those who are devoted. Many of these gifts can also be personalized to add even more love to them.

Whatever you choose to get your loved ones this year, do take the time to think about them prior to making your decision and you’ll likely find a gift that’s just perfect!


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