Severe Acute Malnutrition – Know the Facts

It’s sad to think that children die every single day – and the number is a lot higher than one might think. What claims these young lives? Some succumb to childhood cancers, rare viruses and even the common cold. Some are victims of abuse, neighborhood violence, car accidents and other unexpected occurrences. However, what you might not realize is that the number one killer of children under five years of age is Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).

SAM – The True Killer of Children

Nearly 20 million children worldwide suffer from SAM, and it claims the lives of 3.5 million million children each year. To put that in perspective, that’s more yearly victims than AIDS, HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. Pretty scary, huh? Imagine being a parent of one or more of those children. Imagine if it were your brother, your sister, your best friend – and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is the everyday life for many in third world countries. There’s no promise of tomorrow. Only hope.


What if you could do something amazing to eradicate SAM?

In March of 2012, five individuals from Orange County, California got together to do exactly that. They pooled their time and their own money together to do something to fight SAM in undeveloped nations. In a period of just 17 months, the non-profit organization that they created, PB+J Foods, saved the lives of nearly 1200 children suffering from SAM in Malawi, Africa.

Did you read that? They saved 1200 lives! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty amazing. Imagine the positivity that’s now radiating throughout Malawi. Imagine the hope that this is giving to parents and to children. If these 5 people can make a difference like that, so can every single one us. Imagine what just one person’s contributions can do to help boost PB+J’s “lives saved” tally.

About PB+J Foods

PB+J Foods is a non-profit organization designed to eradicate Severe Acute Malnutrition in underdeveloped nations. Their programs provide specially fortified foods for children suffering from SAM, as well as medical treatment and health education to those in need. Moreover, the programs that they have developed help build local, self-sustaining economies that can eventually provide the necessities of a better life in the future.

What can  you do to help?

PB+J Foods accepts donations and there’s no minimum. You can give whatever you can afford at any time. Whether you choose to do a one time donation or a monthly contribution is up to you. So, if you feel inspired to help others, this is just one of many wonderful non-profits that you can add to your list.




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