Holidays Make Us Forgetful – Easy Bill Pay Saves the Day

The Things We Forget During the Holidays…

With the holidays upon us, it can be hard to remember everything that has to be done. Sure, some of us are wonderful at multitasking, but most of us aren’t. When we attempt this feat, it’s not uncommon for something important to fall by the wayside. For me, what I most frequently overlook are bills. When I’m busy, I tend to misplace them. By the time I realize what I’ve done, there’s no way for me to send my payment off in time to avoid a late fee – – not via snail mail anyway. So what can you do to save yourself the late fees and keep your APR down?

Speed Pay Options

When you’re strapped for time, there are methods that you can use to make sure those bills get paid on time. Why risk an additional fee for paying late when you don’t have to? I’ve seen late payment fees as high as $29 back when I was young and stupid with my credit cards. Those can really rack up your debt fast. Worse yet, if it’s a credit card that you’re getting those late payment fees for, you’re going to be charged interest on that late fee, too. Seems horribly wrong, doesn’t it? That’s the breaks when you use credit, which is why it’s important to pay those bills on time.

The good news is that most companies – – yes, even credit card companies – – offer several payment options, and some are much quicker than others. For instance, most companies have a pay-by-phone option. Today, almost every company offers the ability to pay your bill online. That means you have at least three options available to you. Making an online credit card payment could save you that late fee and keep your interest rate from going up for making your payment late. Online payments are generally noted to the account the same business day; however, the money may not be withdrawn from your account until a few days later.

Thrifty Living Isn’t Just About Couponing

If you really want to live a frugal lifestyle, you’ve got to stay on a tight budget. Paying your bills on time to avoid interest and penalties is one of many ways we can all live a cheaper life – – and it keeps those pesky bill collectors away, too! Who wants to deal with that during the holidays?


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