Nivea Freebie – Hurry on Over Before It’s Gone!

I just love getting free samples in my mailbox. Who doesn’t love free? My favorites are probably laundry detergent, lotion, toothpaste and food because these are products that I use frequently. Because I’m a self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive hand washer, my hands are always dry. Because of that, I find myself applying lotion on a regular basis…yes, only to wash it off 10 minutes later.

But that’s why I love getting free lotion samples in the mail! I don’t feel like I’m wasting so much money when I have freebies to use. And guess what?

Extended MoistureSmooth Sensation

NIVEA  lotion freebies are available now!

One of my favorite lotion brands has free samples available right now – Nivea! You can head on over to the Nivea Facebook page to snag your choice of the Smooth Sensation or Extended Moisture lotion.  These little samples are great for tucking away in your purse to use when you’re on the go!

What’s your favorite freebie?


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