Yacon Syrup Review

Disclosure: I was provided with a bottle of Yacon syrup to facilitate this review.

Yacon SyrupI recently had the opportunity to review Yacon Syrup. Now, I had never heard of Yacon before, but I’m always looking for natural alternatives to sugars and sweeteners. Having a strong family history of diabetes has certainly inspired me to be more responsible about what I put in my body.

Once I found out what Yacon was, I was more than happy to give it a try. Who wouldn’t want to try a natural sweetener? But it’s not “just” a sweetener. It’s also marketed as a metabolism booster.

What is Yacon Syrup?

The best way that I can describe Yacon Syrup is to say that it’s a very thick, brown and grainy syrup that is just a bit sweeter than white sugar. It reminds me of molasses in its consistency and even a bit in flavor, though it’s not quite as strong-tasting as molasses.  Yacon Syrup is made from the root of the Yacon plant and it’s processed in much the same way as sugar cane is for molasses. The description provided by Quality Encapsulations states:


Yacon syrup can be used as a prebiotic to increase digestive health and regularity. Use our raw yacon syrup as a non-caloric, low-glycemic sweetener and help regulate healthy blood sugar levels. Eating Yacon Syrup daily has been proven to help boost weight loss & slim your waistline. The best low-glycemic sweetener ever has been found fresh-pressed from the Yacon root (Smallanthus sonchifolius). This syrup is a gift from nature that has been enjoyed for centuries in the Andean highlands of Peru.

Study Conducted By Dr. Oz – After the four weeks, there were forty women who completed the test as required, and 29 of them lost weight in some form. Fourteen of the women reportedly lost five pounds or more, with the average weight loss overall coming in at 2.9 pounds. There also was a 1.9-inch average waist size reduction.

Indications: Use Yacon Syrup before daily meals, or as a sugar substitute in foods for cooking and baking. When taken daily, raw yacon syrup can assist in losing weight, increase metabolism and aid with detox cleansing of the digestive system. Yacon Syrup is also an excellent appetite suppressant, which makes it ideal for weight loss in men and women.

Ingredients: Contains Raw Yacon Syrup pressed from fresh Yacon root. There are no additives in this product.

Suggested use as a dietary supplement: Use Yacon Root Syrup as you would honey, agave, stevia or maple syrup on foods, in recipes and to sweeten beverages. Note: Must be refrigerated after opening – Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.

As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

My Experience with Yacon Syrup

As I mentioned above, I’m always interested in trying new products that promote a healthier lifestyle, so I was eager to try Yacon Syrup. I wasn’t sure what to try it with though. As Pooh would say, “Think. Think. Think.”

When I first received it, I just had to crack the bottle open and dip my finger inside for a little taste. It was a little grainy, but thick and sweet. I immediately associated it with molasses. Here in the Midwest, we’re familiar with that. Of course, like molasses, I don’t really consider the smell pleasant. It’s not unpleasant either, just not what I would consider a wonderful odor. It does come from a root vegetable, after all, and I can’t think of any root vegetable with an amazingly pleasant aroma.

Now, I told you it was thick, but I want to reiterate that. It was THICK. You know how they say, “Slower than molasses in January?” Well, that’s a good way to describe Yacon Syrup. You can’t just crack open the bottle and pour it out. No, no. It’s not that easy. You have to turn the bottle upside down and wait for it to come out on its own. For this reason, I really dislike the bottle packaging. I think it would be much more appropriate to package it in jars because then consumers can actually spoon it out.

I decided to make Banana Nut Bread and use Yacon Syrup instead of sugar. I used half Yacon Syrup and half sugar in the recipe because I only had one bottle of Yacon to experiment with. However, I noticed that there was probably a good quarter cup left in my bottle that I just couldn’t get out — yes, simply because I didn’t want to wait that long for it to come out on its own. For the cost of the syrup ($26.99 per 8oz bottle), I felt it a bit unreasonable to waste even a drop of it. That said, I turned the bottle on it’s cap so that it would all work its way down and then used what was left of it over the course of the following days in my hot tea.

Overall, I’m happy with the flavor and love that Yacon Syrup offers health and weight loss benefits. The only real cons I see with Yacon Syrup is the affordability and the packaging. Other than that, I think this is a fabulous product that can inspire a lot of fun new recipes that taste delicious without all of the calories, health risks and guilt. That’s what we all want, right?

Where to Buy Yacon Syrup

Yacon is becoming more and more popular due to the benefits it offers. I’ve looked online and found that the average cost of an 8oz. bottle is right around $27, which is what this particular brand cost. You can buy Yacon Syrup on Amazon or you can probably find it at a variety of health stores as well.

Yacon Conversions for Recipes

With any sugar alternative, I like to know is how easy it will be to convert it to sugar measurements for cooking purposes. Because Yacon Syrup is still fairly new, I had a difficult time trying to find a conversion. After about a half hour of scouring the internet, I finally found some promising information: 3/4 cup of Yacon Syrup = 1 cup of sugar. That sounded reasonable to me, so that’s the conversion I used when I made my Yacon Syrup Banana Nut Bread. Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite tasty – and I felt a whole lot better about it not being packed with sugar!

Now, I did still have to use some sugar in my recipe because I was only provided with an 8oz. bottle of Yacon Syrup for my review; however, I don’t believe it would taste much different had I used all Yacon Syrup in the recipe.

Yacon Syrup Banana Nut Bread

Want to snag my Yacon Syrup Banana Nut Bread Recipe?

I used Yacon Syrup in place of sugar for this banana nut bread and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It was sweet, very moist and amazingly filling. The crust was just perfect. Not too thick and not too thin. I was initially afraid it would be too thick and too crispy, so that made me happy.

I also made some banana nut muffins out of the leftover batter. I decided to ice them with cream cheese icing to add a little bit of naughty to a much healthier recipe. Don’t judge! The kids loved them…okay, and I did, too.

You can grab my recipe for Yacon Syrup Banana Nut Bread here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Create your own Yacon Syrup recipe and enter for a chance to win!

Quality Encapsulations is running a Yacon Syrup recipe contest on their site right now. If you’re a crafty cook that’s interested in giving Yacon a try, don’t miss your chance to win a $50 – $200 Amazon gift card for your recipe. Get creative and take some great pictures and you could be their next winner!

Have you tried Yacon Syrup yet? If so, leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought about it.



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