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Make Money with Your Blog on Share-A-SaleFor many bloggers, the enjoyment of writing about something we actually want to write about is enough to sustain our happiness. However, when you decide that you want your passion to become your job, you have to find a way to make it pay. One of the ways that bloggers can do this is by partnering with affiliate companies. But which ones make the best partners? Well, that depends on what you’re blogging about. Companies like, Share-A-Sale, Escalate and others are all great for bloggers that enjoy sharing great deals with their audience, but not all are easy to profit from.

How to Easily Earn Money from Your Blog

While not all affiliate partnerships are going to net you immediate cash — most don’t — you can make enough to cover your basic yearly website costs over the course of a few months. Although some months offer more bonus campaigns than others, you can generally bank on around $50 a month. That’s enough to easily cover the cost of your domain registration, hosting fees and even a few other website costs you incur throughout the year. So why not? At least then you’re not paying to work!

Now only a few affiliate companies offer these bonus campaign posting opportunities. A few programs on CJ offer them every once in a while; however, I get 10x more of these posts from programs managed by Share-A-Sale, which is why I always recommend them to bloggers that are struggling to make money from their blogs.

Making Money with Share-A-Sale

Share-A-Sale is an affiliate company that has been in business since 2000, which gives it some clout in the affiliate realm. Aside from their experience in the affiliate program realm, they have a literally thousands of clients that you can partner with. Promote something new every day of the year if you want…for several years to come. Of course, the one thing I like best about Share-A-Sale is that they have several programs that offer bonus posts or referral bonuses. This really helps to increase your chances for payout, especially when you’re a fledgling blogger that’s trying to justify the time and expenses it takes to run a successful blog.

The bonus posts alone are often enough to make that $50 minimum payout each month; however, because you are also integrating your affiliate link into the bonus posts, you have an opportunity to make additional money through commissioned sales. Who doesn’t like that? It’s a win-win!

Below, I’ve listed all of the current affiliate programs on Share-A-Sale that I use to hit my payout each month. Several of them offer bonus posts ranging from $5 – $25. Some send out bonus posts weekly, while others send them out once a month or less. Most of these programs also offer referral bonuses if you refer a fellow blogger, so be sure to check out the programs completely once you’ve been approved.

Bonus Post Programs through Share-A-Sale

Warby Parker – Offers fun, stylish and limited edition eyewear that you can try on in the comfort of your own home with their Home-Try-On Program. Bloggers can get a $20 bonus for checking out the HTO program and blogging about their experience. In addition, bloggers can earn a $25 bonus on their first sale.

Reebok – This popular shoe, sports and workout gear oriented company has offered quality shoes, clothing and accessories for decades. Their affiliate program offers bonus posts, referral bonuses and a 10% commission.

Little Passports – This fun affiliate program is a parent favorite, as it instills a love of learning and interest in worldwide cultures. The program offers several bonus post opportunities throughout the year, as well as referral bonuses.

Adidas – Another icon in the sports apparel and shoes department, this program offers bloggers bonus posts, referral bonuses and 7% commission on any sales.

ModCloth – This affiliate program offers the ability to promote modern and vintage clothing designs, as well as shoes, accessories and decor. With bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and a 7% commission rate, this is one not to miss.

Tea Collection – This program is perfect for parenting sites, as it gives bloggers the ability to promote adorable children’s clothing. With bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and an 8% commission rate, this program is a win-win.

Blurb – Promoting keepsakes isn’t difficult, but Blurb makes it even easier with their special offers. Bonus campaigns, the opportunity to review a photo book and referral bonuses are highlights, as is the generous 15% commission rate.

Stella & Dot – This program offers the ability to promote not only this company’s stylish jewelry and bags, but also the business opportunity. Offering bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and a 10% commission on sales, it’s a popular program to have in your portfolio.

Cents of Style – Stylish fashions aren’t hard to promote, especially if those fashions can be had at great prices. This program offers referral bonuses and a 10% commission on sales.

One Kings Lane – Offering items for the home and outdoors, this program has been a popular one. With bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and a 5% commission rate on sales, it’s a great program to be a part of.

Craftsy – If you focus on craft projects or simply sales and deals, the Craftsy program is a great one to have on hand because Craftsy offers kits, supplies and online classes for a variety of crafty hobbies. With great bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and a very generous 30% commission on sales, this is one program every blogger should be a part of.

Buy Seasons – This program is great for those who have a large audience of parents because they offer party supplies for just about any type of party you can imagine. With bonus campaigns, referral opportunities and a lucky 13% commission, it’s a great program to have in your portfolio.

Buy Costumes – Another one that’s great for bloggers focusing on family, this program offers a wide array of costumes and they run several great sales throughout the year. With a referral bonus and generous 13% commission rate, this is a great program to promote all year long.

Gazelle – Great for bloggers that focus on deals, saving money, making money or tech, this program helps you put money back into people’s pockets and keeps old cell phones, computers and more from ending up in landfills. With a generous 15% commission, bonus campaigns and referral bonuses, it’s definitely a program to consider promoting.

Booster – This cool crowdfunding source helps people get the money they need to make their businesses, non-profits and community projects come to life. Bloggers can take advantage of bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and earn $1 per lead for promoting this popular company.

Custom Ink – If you’ve got kids, you know there’s always a reason to have a custom t-shirt made. They’re also a great way to earn money for your school, church, charity or team. This program offers bloggers bonus campaigns, referral bonuses and a 7% commission on sales.

Flight Car – Nearly everyone travels, right? Rental cars and low-cost airport parking are always popular, and you can promote both with this program. In addition to the $8.00 per sale commission, you’ll also get to take advantage of bonus campaigns.

Gymboree – This program encompasses 3 stores: Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie & Jack, which are all kid-focused clothing lines. Bloggers can benefit from 7% commissions and bonus campaigns.



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