Great Tips for Summer Parties on the Cheap

The weather is favorable, fruits and vegetables are abundant and Mother Nature offers natural beauty around every corner. These are just a few of the things that make summer a fabulous time to throw a party. Of course, saving money is a necessity for many budget-savvy party planners. Below, you’ll find a few helpful summer party tips that can make your party a huge success without the huge price tag.

Summer Parties on the CheapMoney Saving Tips for Summer Parties

  1. If you’re going to have adults and children as guests, be sure to find a large space that offers room to run. Many parks have pavilions that can be reserved especially for parties. You can also check your town hall. These rarely advertised spaces can often offer an abundance of room, plus kitchen appliances, tables and chairs and even a playground right outside! Prices vary by region, but are very affordable compared to the cost of a banquet room at a local hotel or restaurant and usually have fewer restrictions and requirements.
  2. Begin buying the products you need for your party months ahead of time so that you aren’t hit with a giant out of pocket cost all at once. Budgeting $50 – $100 a month towards a large party can go a long way towards your end goal and it won’t hurt your finances quite as bad as having to spend it all in one month. Many save money with the intention of putting it towards a certain thing, but quickly find something else that it can be spent on. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Plan and shop ahead.
  3. Prepare any party favors ahead of time. By doing this, you won’t end up forgetting what you’ve bought and end up buying more than you need. It also eases the burden of trying to put everything together in the last few days before a big party and gives you some added peace of mind of knowing that “something” is done. If you’re doing more personalized party favors (ex: boys, girls, adults, kids), you can easily tell them apart if you use party favor labels for your guest’s bags.
  4. Don’t overwhelm yourself with party food. Sometimes simple finger foods like a variety of different cheeses, crackers, deli meats and veggie trays can often be the best choice. Since vegetables and fruits are in season in the summer months, they are far more affordable than they are during the winter months. If you garden, you can save even more! Finger foods are a great option if your guests will be arriving at different times or if there will be children present. Little tummies and attention spans will appreciate the ability to grab and go, and so will their parents!
  5. Decorate on the cheap. You can find tons of great decorations for very little by visiting your local dollar store or by using sites like Of course, if you’ve budgeted and want to keep to a certain theme, sites like or sites like These are great for themed parties and you can often find a great deal more merchandise in your theme of choice.
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