7 Little Ways To Save Big (Over Time)

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If you are like many others in the modern world, your budget could use some relief. However, it is often difficult to spot the ways in which small adjustments to one’s lifestyle can lead to big savings. Sometimes you need some friendly suggestions, like the ones in this article. Here are seven ways to save money without sacrificing comfort.

Hide Your Credit Cards

The availability of easy credit leads to the impression that you have more money available than you actually do. Many experts suggest that you leave cards at home, but with the advent of online shopping, this isn’t always enough. One solution is to keep your plastic piled in a drawer and never leave credit card information saved at an e-tailer. That way, using credit to buy goods requires retrieving the card, which gives you time for second thoughts.


Whether it is your car or your home or your electronics, things degrade over time. However, because the loss of certain components can cascade and cause damage other parts of a system, it is often cheaper to make small repairs as you go than to fix a catastrophic failure. Keep on top of regular maintenance, scheduling things like oil or furnace filter changes at regular times. One good way to ensure that you actually do this is to add in a reward; after you are done, go to a favorite restaurant or attraction.

Eat In

But don’t go to that restaurant too often. One major source of expense in the modern household is the eating-out budget. It is easy to understand why: with so much life lived on the go, people love convenience. The cheapest alternative is to make food from scratch; failing that, quick snacks and microwave meals can tide you over until you can make a real meal. Make sure not to buy more food than you plan to eat.

Comparison Shop

A time-tested method for reducing expenses is to simply look around for the best value for your needs. The good news here is that in the internet age, comparison shopping is simple. Looking at options for services is as easy as pointing and clicking. You could save big by switching to a different mobile carrier or insurance provider. Also, online shopping, while occasionally addictive, provides a convenient way to check out pricing on both new and used items before you buy.

Buy a Fuel-Efficient Car

Although buying a new car is certainly a major expense, it’s also a cost that comes up naturally. When it comes time for you to switch out your automobile, shop around and pay attention to the fuel economy of the various models that meet your specific transportation needs. Don’t be taken in by the latest buzzwords – a hybrid SUV may not automatically get better fuel efficiency than a gas-powered sedan.

Change Bulbs

The key to saving you money might be hanging over your head right now. Modern light bulbs, in particular LEDs, are far more energy-efficient — 75 percent more efficient by some estimates — than older incandescent models. Although they have a higher initial cost than the outdated versions, LED lights last twenty-five times longer than incandescents, too, eliminating some of those emergency grocery store trips.

Buy Generic

A multitude of consumer goods are available in both branded and generic forms. While the branded versions may have the name recognition, the off-brands are typically the cheaper option, and may be just as effective. This varies by category: while a food brand may have a particular taste, bandages tend to function the same whether or not they are called Band-Aids.

Your lifestyle is ever-changing, subject to myriad tweaks. It is easy to get into a routine where you don’t think about little adjustments that can make a big impact on your budget. The tips in this article can get you on the path to significant savings. Maybe you can even save enough to finally take that vacation that you’ve dreamed of for years.

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  1. Samantha Lewis says:

    Great article!

  2. Great ideas!

  3. Kathy Hammac says:

    I am doing most of these things listed in your article. It is nice to know that I am on the right track.

  4. These tips are great, definitely need to eat in more. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Lisa Garland says:

    It is so hard for me to stay in budget. These are some good ideas. I do try to eat mostly at home and only eat out maybe once a week and definitely comparison shop and use coupons!! Gonna try some of the other ones you have on here.

  6. These are all great tips and thank you for sharing with us. I do many of these already.

  7. Tamra Phelps says:

    Most of these, I do, lol. We do just about anything to cut back & not waste money!

  8. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful information. I am also on a budget and always looking for ways to save.

  9. Rebecca Jollimore says:

    Thanks for Sharing! These are very helpful.

  10. Crys Cortez says:

    I’ve officially changed all my lightbulbs, thanks for all the tips~

  11. This reminds me that it’s time to change my furnace filter. I always comparison shop.

  12. Christine says:

    Certain items like Oatmeal & canned goods I generally buy generic!

  13. Richard Hicks says:

    Lots of useful info here. I am always looking for ways to save

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