Lakota Pain Relief Review – Does It Work?

*I received a variety of products from Lakota for the purpose of this review. All experiences and opinions expressed are my own.*

One of the most frustrating things in the world to have to deal with is pain. It’s hard to live a normal, happy life when you’re hurting. When you’re a parent, your kids’ needs don’t wait just because you’re in pain. They still get hungry, need bathed, want your attention and need a clean environment. Pharmaceutical grade pain medications can cause additional issues, with one of the most concerning being dependency. Because of that, many choose to use over the counter products or natural herbal products to help relieve pain.

Lakota Pain Relief Products
A Review of Lakota Pain Relief Products

I recently received a variety of pain relief products from Lakota for the purpose of a review. As you can see, there are quite a few different products, so the hubby and I have only had a chance to use a few of them so far. Lakota products are unlike your typical OTC pain medication and are, instead, a blend of herbal medicine. Some of the ingredients include white willow bark, yucca root, devil’s claw, boswellia, glucosamine and collagen type II. This company makes a wide variety of products for pain, which include the following:

  • Back Pain Roll-on
  • Arthritis Roll-on
  • Joint Care Pain Relief Roll-on
  • Muscle Pain Roll-on
  • Extra Strength Soft Touch Pain Relief Analgesic
  • Diabetic Foot Pain Cream
  • Extra Strength Arthritis Capsules
  • Joint Care Pain Relief Capsules
  • Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Capsules
  • Lakota PM Nighttime Pain Relief Coated Caplets
  • Rheumatoid Collagen Formula
  • Triple Action Back Pain Caplets
  • Joint Care for Dogs Chewable Tablets


Our Experience with Lakota Roll-On Back Pain RelievLakota Back Pain Roll-On Pain Relieverer

Because my significant other has been experiencing severe back pain the past few months, the back pain medicines were the first to be tried. Instant relief is always the hope whenever you use any medication, but relief rarely comes that quickly. The same is true for the Lakota products. The roll-on Back Pain Reliever was the very first product we tried. The product rolled onto his skin quite easily and there was good coverage. By that, I mean that just the right amount of product came out and evenly covered his skin. It took about 3-4 minutes to dry completely and we did have a fan on in the room.

Now, let me mention that my hubby has two herniated discs at the moment, so there’s not a whole lot of pain medication that’s going to bring him relief. After rolling this onto the area, he did feel some very minor relief within 15 minutes, but stated that the relief was what he would consider very minor.
Lakota Triple Action Back Pain Tablets

Our Experience with Lakota Triple Action Back Pain Tablets

Next up, he tried the Triple Action Back Pain Tablets from Lakota. His initial comment was, “These taste nasty!” Well, to be honest, I don’t know of any pain reliever that tastes good except for certain types of baby aspirin and children’s pain relief products, so that’s really not irrelevant. After all, you’re supposed to swallow the tablets, so any unfavorable taste won’t be experienced for long.

Again, the product did bring minor relief for his pain, but did not even come close to totally relieving it. As mentioned above, his level of pain is quite severe at this time and is not at all near a “typical” level that one may experience from a strained or sore muscle. At the hospital, he was given two doses of morphine, as well as Dilaudid and Flexeril, all of which are pretty hard to compete with for pain relief and muscle spasms. We didn’t think that he’d see any relief at all from an herbal product, so we were both a bit surprised that he did find some minor relief using Lakota products.

Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to try the back relief products for more minor aches and pains, so this is the only type of pain that we have been able to test the effectiveness of the Lakota back pain products on. I will update these initial reviews with more information and a star rating if we see relief with it for more typical back pain – winter is coming, after all, so I’m sure we’ll have a chance to try it out after a few hours spent shoveling snow!

Our Experience with Lakota Arthritis Roll-On Pain Reliever

Lakota Arthritis Roll-On Pain RelieverI personally suffer from arthritis in my knees, bursitis in my hips and heel spurs. These issues are the result of several softball injuries and a 15 year career as a waitress, 6 years of which required at least 2.5 inch heels. I used to think that my grandpa was joking every time he told us his body would tell him if it was going to rain, but now I know it as truth. Why? Because it can be a beautiful, sunny day, but if my knees begin to ache that familiar weather-induced pain, I don’t care what the weather man says, it’s going to rain. And it always does.

That familiar pain reared its ugly head a few days after I received these Lakota products for review and, as luck would have it, it was laundry day. My washer and dryer are in the basement. Talk about pain! So I broke out the Lakota Arthritis Roll-On Pain Reliever because I thought, “Okay, if this stuff is any good at all, it’ll work today.” I went in the bedroom, took off my pants and rolled the pain reliever all over both of my knees, the bend of the back side of my leg, and even put it on my hips just to see if it would help the bursitis. Within about 7 minutes, I started to feel a cool, somewhat tingling sensation that let me know it was doing something. As I felt that, my arthritis pain started to subside. Great!

Well, that sensation lasted for about 10 minutes before it was replaced with more of a burning sensation…kind of like a nice, hot heating pad. The burning wasn’t painful really, more like a very warm sensation in all of the areas that I had rolled it on. The burning at the bends of my legs was definitely the worst of it, as it became extremely hot and uncomfortable when I bent my legs. I’m assuming that bending my legs concentrated it, which made the feeling stronger/hotter. When I straightened out my legs, the burning sensation would ease up. This burning/warming action lasted for about 30 minutes and gradually started to decrease after that.

Overall, I would rate this product as a 4 out of 5 stars because it did work very quickly to relieve my arthritis pain. The reason I’m only giving it four stars is because the burning was so intense when I bent my legs that it became almost unbearable and I considered an attempt to wash it off. However, the product states not to wet it if you experience this. It didn’t say why, so I certainly didn’t want to take a chance of increasing the sensation to a level higher than what I was already experiencing. I was able to get relief simply by extending my legs, which offered almost immediate relief of the intense feeling.

My Overall Opinion of Lakota Pain Relief Products

Considering how severe my significant other’s pain is, I don’t think it’s fair to judge the back pain products on this one experience, so I will use these myself the next time I experience back pain. As for the Arthritis pain reliever, I will say that it definitely worked for the pain in my knees, and although I didn’t mention the results on my hip, I did feel some relief there as well, although it was not quite as effective as in my knees. Because of my personal experience with this product, I would recommend it to others. However, I would also tell others not to apply any of the product on the more sensitive skin on the back side/bend of their leg as the warming action I felt there was just a bit more intense than I felt comfortable with. Based on my significant other’s experience, these products are not going to provide much relief of severe pain, so I would not recommend them for such.

Have you tried Lakota pain relief products? Tell me about your experience with them or tell me which product you might like to try in the comments below!

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