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Wish You Had More Control Over Your Cell Phone Plan?

I can tell you firsthand how frustrating it is to be on a tight budget, but be locked into a contract with a mobile service provider. Try as you might, if you have more than one phone line on your plan, you’re going to be looking at a cost of around $50 per month per line…and that’s before taxes and service charges. When my significant other lost his job a few years ago, we had no clue it was coming. A few months prior, we had entered into a new agreement with our mobile phone provider. We had added my stepdaughter to our plan, so we had to make it larger to cushion ourselves for her insane fascination with texting and the additional minutes she would use. In addition, we all three got new phones. Three months later, he was laid off and after a few months, realized he wouldn’t be called back because the company was going to close its doors. Because the unemployment in Missouri is set to $250 a month regardless of the applicant’s former wage, unemployment only paid about 22% of his former monthly income. That’s a huge hit and forced our family to adapt quickly to a ridiculously tight budget.

The first thing I did was call and cancel things that were not necessities. The cable, subscription services and basically anything that we didn’t have to have were all the first to be cut. Then I called my cell phone provider to find out what we could do to lower our bill. They seemed as if they would be helpful at first, then basically told me the most we could save was $17 a month and that required cutting our minutes by 300 a month. We did it because that’s all we could do. And that’s why I’m thankful to find out about pay as you go services like Virgin Mobile Custom as we round the bend and move towards the end of our contract period.

Virgin Mobile Custom Monthly Plan

Customize Your Phone Plan With the Freedom to Change It Multiple Times Throughout the Month

One of the best things about Virgin Mobile Custom plans is that you can start out small and add as you need to. For instance, you can start with as little as 20 minutes for talk, 20 text messages and no internet for $6.98 a month. I chose a similar plan for this testing month, as I have a cell as my only phone line and knew I wouldn’t use this one as frequently. I did add 20 MB of data for $1.40 so that I could test out the data network, the text network and the call clarity. What I love the most as a frugal person is that I can actually drop my plan to a lower level if I haven’t used what I thought I would a few days prior to the end of the month. That means you can save money in as little as a few swipes of your finger. What cell carrier lets you do that? Virgin Mobile!

The call clarity in my home is pretty amazing as far as the pay-as-you-go services work. My mom can’t get good service in my home with her pay-as-you-go service and my friend couldn’t get good service with hers either (both are different services). I didn’t get the chance to test it out away from the home because I’ve been sick and the few times I’ve actually been out of my home were pretty limited and for necessities like groceries and medicine, so I didn’t really think about using it or even my regular phone while I was out. That said, I can’t accurately rate it when traveling outside my home just yet.

As for the internet, I’ve also only used that when connected to my WI-fi at home so far, so I’m not yet sure how quickly it connects. From home, it works fairly quickly and with little effort. In fact, it’s faster than my current phone. Just one more reason I am in love with androids and will be switching to that option as soon as my contract is up.

What Parents will Love About Virgin Mobile Custom

Kids are wanting cell phones at much younger ages today. With more and more people ditching the traditional land-line in favor of the go-anywhere cell phone, many parents are beginning to feel that a cell phone is an issue of safety for their children. Virgin Mobile Custom makes it easy to build your plan, share it with up to five lines, control those additional lines and manage your mobile plan with ease.  You can even control when and how your child’s phone is being used. So if your kiddo has a set time that they are supposed to be doing homework every night, you can literally allow them no talk, text or data during that time. Don’t want your kids on the phone when they’re supposed to be sleeping? No problem! You have the control, so use it!

Check out the video to learn more about all of the cool things you can do with Virgin Mobile Custom!

Pretty awesome, right? I sure can’t do all that with my current service provider — well, not for free anyway. I can manage certain aspects if I pay to have that capability, but with Virgin Mobile Custom, there’s no cost to have this ability other than the line charges and the cost of the plan you build. SWEET!

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How many of you have tried Virgin Mobile Custom, or would like to? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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