Get Your Lawn Winter Ready with Tips from TruGreen

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As winter bears down upon us, many wonder what their lawns will look like when Spring finally arrives. My own yard could use some TLC and that’s one of the biggest reasons we aren’t doing much decorating this year. We’ve had a problem with moles burrowing through our yard and it’s not only leaving long and winding trails of soft spots, but also killing off the grass. So this fall, I went out and bought a non-lethal application to use on the lawn to deter those little rascals. A  few weeks later, we noticed there were no new burrow trails through the yard. Talk about happy! Of course, with the temperature drop, they may have just burrowed further underground. Regardless, we mowed the law and mulched the leaves. I spread the mulched leaves onto my garden plot and turned them into the top soil pretty well so that they can break down over the winter and enrich the soil.

Learning More About Winter Lawn Care

I just learned a few tricks from TruGreen about getting my lawn winter-ready and I wanted to share them with all of you so that you can whip your own lawn into shape! I’ll have to put my new found knowledge to use next fall, since winter is already here in IL. I can’t wait to see how fabulous my lawn looks come next winter! If you’re not sure how to care for your lawn, the folks at TruGreen are happy to help! In fact, lots of people sign up for TruGreen lawn care service during the winter so that when Spring arrives, TruGreen specialists already have them in the system and are out on their lawn before they even know it’s time for spring lawn care! TruGreen’s scientific approach to lawn care is actually quite interesting and the results of their work speak for themselves. I know I’ll be following them a lot more closely on Facebook…okay, okay, and probably stalking them on Twitter, too!

Check out the infographic below to brush up on your winter lawn care!



TruGreen Infographic 1

What are your winter lawn tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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