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Letter from Mrs Claus

Did you know that the instance of heart attacks INCREASE over the holiday season?

Those of you that follow me have likely seen me ask for prayers or guidance at least once regarding my father. At age 48, he was rushed to the emergency room and then airlifted to St. Louis with no promises that he’d make it there alive. I can’t forget the date, because it was a pretty important day –my hubby’s birthday, which is in the middle of January and just five days before my father’s birthday. However, the signs were showing themselves nearly a month before. Tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, dizziness and pain — all of these things my father ignored. He complained to me about them and I tried to get him to go to the E.R. or at the very least, see his doctor. That didn’t happen. He was afraid that I was right, so he stopped smoking and thought that would make it go away. A month later, his girlfriend found him face down in the hallway. He was alive, but clearly in danger. Thankfully, the specialists at Barnes-Jewish Hospital were able to save his life and give him some more time with us.

Now we’re hoping for another miracle.

At 58, he suffers from heart disease, PAD and atherosclerosis. A couple of weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a complete occlusion of his lower abdominal aorta, which requires surgery and a prosthetic replacement to fix. For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking him back and forth to have an angiogram, then a cardiac cath. That’s when more bad news came and I had to start looking for a vascular surgeon. Unfortunately, his cardiologist indicated that he’s not sure whether dad’s heart is strong enough to withstand an open surgery and we’re waiting for him and the vascular surgeon to confer and make a decision. I hope that decision comes soon and that their wisdom provides us with several more years with my father.

You see, both of my grandfathers died of heart attacks as well. One in the summer and the other right after Thanksgiving. So two out of three of the important men in my life have suffered heart attacks during the holiday season. One was fatal and the other was nearly fatal. And that’s why I’m sharing this campaign from DSM with you today.

“A Letter from Mrs. Claus”Hits Home

After learning that more than 80 million Americans — in excess of 25% of the U.S. population — are living with heart disease, Mrs. Claus decided it’s time for she and Santa to start setting a better example for the public. They plan to do this by making nutrition changes that promote heart health and documenting those changes and their progress.

That’s why this “Letter from Mrs. Claus” campaign is so dear to my heart. In the video, Mrs. Claus expresses her and Santa’s sadness regarding the statistics associated with heart disease. I agree. It’s terrible that more than 25% of our population suffers from heart disease. Why? Because there are things that we can do to prevent it.

In addition to eating foods rich in nutrients like omega-3s, vitamins D and E, and Beta-Glucan, the Clauses know it’s hard to get all the essential nutrients from diet alone, so they’ve added supplements like fish oil and multivitamins to their routine. On ClausNutrition.com, Mrs. Claus will track she and Santa’s progress and share tips from experts in nutrition and heart health so families can join in on the health plan.

I AM Mrs. Claus.

I’m that woman sitting there, jotting down notes to remind myself of what I need to buy at the store. I’m that woman that’s worrying herself sick about whether or not she’s doing enough to help prevent one of the people she loves from having a(nother) heart attack. I’m that woman that’s studying the statistics, the heart healthy diets, what’s good for us and what needs to be left on the shelf. I’m that woman wondering what she can do to make these changes happen in ALL of her family members’ lives now so that she doesn’t have to start all of this over from the beginning again later.

As the Holidays Approach, Encourage Heart Healthy Choices – ClausNutrition.com Can Help!

On December 3rd, DSM launched http://clausnutrition.com to showcase Mrs. Claus’ push for a heart healthy holiday season and hopefully help influence a year-round routine. The site will be available through December 23rd, with new features added every few days, so if you or someone you love is suffering from heart disease, or if you’re worried about it being an issue in the future, I encourage you to visit the site for more information.

The site’s features include:

  •  A Letter from Mrs. Claus encouraging heart health.
  • The special video from Mrs. Claus you see above.
  • A tracker that details all of the hearth healthy progress the Claus family is making.
  • An infographic that details heart healthy supplements.
  • An exclusive Q & A with Mrs. Claus and an accomplished doctor/award winning author.
  • A breakdown of bad-for-you foods during the holiday season and healthy swaps we can make.
  • Plus easy, on-the-go, hearth healthy snacks that Santa will have in his sled on his big trip Christmas Eve!

I’ll be following the site and integrating many of these items into my family’s life. If you’d like to learn more, visit the site and be sure to check out DSM on Facebook! You can also check out the DSM Twitter page @DSM.

Are you planning to be more heart healthy this holiday season? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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